The Power of Camp

Nathan sits mostly. He has a history of epilepsy, “un-testable intelligence” and no movement from the waist down. He doesn’t lift his head to give eye contact or move unless commanded to do so. His vision is limited. He is incapable of speaking and is totally deaf. The world inside Nathan is a mystery. That is until camp happened. Nathan was twelve the first year he came to camp. We had no idea where to […]


Exceptional Parent Magazine Honors Special Education Teachers

EXCEPTIONAL PARENT (EP) MAGAZINE HONORS SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS “AN ABILITY TO CONNECT ” Eileen Payraudeau EILEEN PAYRAUDEAU has been teaching at ECLC of NJ, Ho-Ho-Kus campus for six years. ECLC is a private, no n-profit special education school serving students ages 5-21 with severe learning and language disabilities including autism spectrum disorder, cognitive impairment, and medically fragile students. The school educates nearly 90 students from 11 counties in New Jersey. What makes Eileen so special […]


Department Of Defense Summer Camp Experiences

When school’s out for summer, it’s helpful to have some activities planned to keep your kids busy, engaged and having fun. Department of Defense summer camps may be a great addition to your child’s summer lineup. Make it a summer to remember by checking out these potential camping experiences: TEEN ADVENTURE CAMPS These camps can be a great option for a teen interested in adding some excitement to their summer. • Teens ages 14-18 can […]


The Roles of Parents, School Administrators and Teachers in the Educational Success of the Child Who is Deaf

BY J. FREEMAN KING, ED.D Without deep and meaningful communication with parents, peers, teachers, and other significant others, there are no shared meanings, no shared experiences, no development of identity, and inadequate transmission of world knowledge. The educational decisions of parents, school administrators, and teachers can lead to the educational success or failure of the deaf child. Without a doubt, the decisions made carry with them a great responsibility to be  well-informed concerning the unique […]