Practice Without Pressure

BY DEBORAH JASTREBSKI Practice Without Pressure™ greatly reduces and, most times, eliminates the need for sedation and restraint. The PWP model includes the individual, the family/caregiver, and the clinician, and introduces the PWP practice specialist into the paradigm. THE NEED You wake up one morning and your tooth hurts. Although it’s not your favorite thing you call your dentist, make an appointment and go get it fixed. You’re nervous but you tell the dentist that, […]


What a Doctor Did Not Tell Me When Handing the Diagnosis

You see red flags in your child’s development, you apprehensively look all over the internet, hoping to read “it’s nothing to worry about”, however,your next visit to the pediatrician aggravates your concern as you check off a list of milestones missed and you finally find yourself staring at a sheet that screams AUTISM back at you. Some of you feel a sense of relief, and some are shattered at the news. Many parents go through […]


The Big Cheese

PUZZLES & CAMO BY SHELLY HUHTANEN Broden is the one that the smaller kids watch and look up to now… He’s the one who plops in the chair in the morning and yawns because he knows he’ll tackle this long day of ABA, just like any other day. It was the first day of school at the Autism Learning Center. Broden knew the drill as he slid out of his car seat and grabbed his […]


On Catching the Number 7 Bus Home

ANCORA IMPARO BY RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The tale of Gertie and Gail serves to emphasize the fundamental tenet of caring for and about individuals with dementia, and that is to “live in their world.” Following family tradition, England’s Prince Charles, the Duke of Wales, served in the Royal Navy. He served on an array of ships including guided missile destroyers, frigates, mine hunters and aircraft carriers. Young English schoolboys looked up to him […]


We All Need A Little Respite

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what is means to me!…” As my plane slowly descended onto the runway at Detroit Airport, I found myself humming this Motown classic. I was returning from a rare long weekend in Nashville with my husband and NO KIDS! As I looked out the window of the plane, the song’s chorus kept repeating in my head. I closed my eyes—took a deep breath—and pictured myself on stage rocking a sequins dress and […]


My Name Is Jackson Fukuda And I Have Arginase Deficiency

I AM A 26-YEAR-OLD GRAPHIC DESIGNER… BY JACKSON FUKUDA This is my story with arginase deficiency. A decent amount of information was told to me by my parents. I felt that they would be the best ones to tell my story when I was diagnosed and how life was for me at a very young age. At a young age they started to notice a big difference between other children my age and myself. I […]


Recognizing The Signs Of Stress In Children After A Disaster

Even the most well-adjusted children may experience stress following a disaster or traumatic event. It’s important to understand how to recognize and address signs of stress so you can help your children cope with their feelings. YOUNG CHILDREN Young children don’t always have the words, or willingness, to express how they feel when something makes them feel insecure, scared or upset. After a traumatic event, you may notice the following signs of stress in your […]


Accents of Pink

On a clear March day, as the sun pushed over the horizon, I pushed breath out of my lungs, my lips went from a blue tint to pink fighting for life at a mere 1 lbs. 7 ounces Years later, Pink bows adorned my wispy hair as I struggled to speak and to force my body onto wobbly legs ready to see the world around me Pink casts hugged my legs and my toes matched […]



KEEPERS OF THE FLAME: North Caldwell Police Chief Mark Duer (right) President of the Essex County Chiefs of Police Association who ran the North Caldwell to Little Falls leg, with his longtime friend and Special Olympian Michael John Sabato (left) . The 2017 Law Enforcement Torch Run took place on Friday, June 9th as more than 3,000 officers took to the streets of their local communities on one of 26 separate routes to help carry […]


The National Alliance for Caregiving have Launched a Survey for Caregivers for Persons with Rare Disease

WASHINGTON, DC (PRWEB) AUGUST 31, 2017: As many as 30 million Americans are affected by a rare disease or condition, and many of these individuals receive unpaid care from friends, family, and neighbors. While much of the focus on caregiving has historically been on the aging population in America, policymakers are beginning to take notice of the impact of caring for rare disease patients on the volunteer friends and family who provide care, known as “family […]