As Easy as Riding a Bike?

Are you one of the 94 percent of American adults who knows how to ride a bike? Do you know that you are a mathematical marvel, a scientific superstar? We’ve been told for decades that riding a bike is easy, however the reality is that when it comes to staying upright on two wheels, there is nothing more complicated, according to the Daily Mail. The writer Catherine Hess puts it this way: How in the […]



FOUNDED IN 2002, OPERATION HOMEFRONT IS A NATIONALLY-RECOGNIZED NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION WHOSE MISSION IS TO BUILD STRONG, STABLE, AND SECURE MILITARY FAMILIES SO THEY CAN THRIVE – NOT SIMPLY STRUGGLE TO GET BY – IN THE COMMUNITIES THAT THEY HAVE WORKED SO HARD TO PROTECT. BY DOMINIC CERTO Most military charities have a worthwhile purpose in seeking to support, enhance and, in many cases, rescue a military vet and their family. But managing expenses and providing […]


STUDY: The Family Dog Could Help Boost Physical Activity For Kids With Disabilities

BY MICHELLE KLAMPE Researchers designed an adapted physical activity, animal-assisted intervention where the family dog would serve as a partner with the child in physical activities designed to help improve overall physical activity, motor skills and quality of life. The family dog could serve as a partner and ally in efforts to help children with disabilities incorporate more physical activity into their daily lives, a new study from Oregon State University indicates. In a case […]


How do I feel about the word disabled?

Today I’m going to be talking about identifying as disabled and how I feel about the word itself, the meaning of the word disabled and also what it implies. I have noticed throughout my life that many people are unhappy to use the world disabled –  admittedly, I was once unhappy to describe myself as disabled, too. I’d like to say that these opinions are 100% my own, and that I am NOT asking that […]