Building Healthy & Inclusive Communities

Throughout Healthy Communities, Special Olympics seeks to collaborate with mission-aligned organizations that often traditionally miss the population that Special Olympics serves. Special Olympics has set a goal of having 100 locations recognized as Healthy Communities by 2020. When Kenny Canon’s pain resulted in a trip to the emergency room, his mother began to worry. “He had toothaches, was in a lot of pain and said he was dizzy,” said Kenny’s mother, Shirley. “He told me […]


Interventions For Autism We Found Useful With Our Grandchild

BY DENIS ROGERS, MD REMARKS FROM DR GILLIAN FORRESTER, PHD AND DR CLAUDIA GONZALEZ PHD We have a grandchild who was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum at around 18 months. She had seemed to develop normally up until the age of 18 months and then regressed. It was as if pathways in the brain, previously open, had become blocked. She is now seven and has shown amazing improvement. Her “stimming” (obsessive repetitive behavior) […]


Change In Mission Allows School To Put Social Needs First

BY RACHEL EZEKIEL-FISHBEIN Children with co-morbid disabilities present challenges most schools today are unable to address, which leads to the same pattern Rowe identified in children with language-based disabilities in 1982 –bright kids who are painfully lonely, feel worthless and ultimately, become disengaged. The student was clearly gifted. Yet George Rowe’s team at Buckingham Friends School could not teach him to read. As head of school, Rowe had seen this before: brilliant students with language-based […]


Health-Related Fitness Programs For Adolescents Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder

BY YOCHEVED BENSINGER-BRODY PT, PHD, PCS, CHRISTOPHER EVANGELISTA, SPT AND DANA YEE, SPT Children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often receive physical therapy services from the time they are diagnosed (and sometimes even before!) through their school years. Typically, physical therapy goals are focused on helping these children achieve their gross motor milestones, such as walking and jumping, as well as improving quality of walking and balance. Despite receiving skilled gross motor-related services […]