The Organization for Autism Research Competes for $50,000 Prize to Improve Lives of Young Adults with Autism

Vote for autism research nonprofit to reach the final pitch competition in Boston, MA Selected from 180 applicants, OAR is a nonprofit organization that promotes research to help families, educators, caregivers, and individuals with autism find much-needed answers to their immediate and urgent questions. Winning The Encore Prize will allow OAR to broaden Hire Autism, a program that connects people across the autism-spectrum with autism-friendly jobs, employers, and support, by adding Hire Autism Advocates. Over […]


Learning & Development Books For Young Children

Reading skills are one of the most important and basic set of skills toward your child’s success. It can be a fun and imaginative activity for children and opens doors to all kinds of new worlds for them. Offshoot Kids believes kids should have fun when they are learning. The quirky publishing company produces carefully structured and level-appropriate story based books that are the perfect stepping stones for 3-5 year-olds. They focus on making learning […]


Fullerton School District & Fullerton Cares Open New Sensory Room for Special Ed Students

Fullerton School District announces its new sensory room at Sunset Lane Elementary School opening in Fall of this year, with school-wide trainings and presentations being held August 11. The sensory room is in a permanent classroom featuring many of the most hightech and evidence-based sensory tools designed by educators and occupational therapists for regulation of the senses and behavior, including sensory swings, a “cushy corner” and more. Fullerton Cares makes donations raised through grassroots fundraising […]


Every Day Matters: Dr. Wendy Chung Addresses The Urgent Need For Accelerated KIF1A Research

Our mission is to save the life of every child affected by KIF1A. The only way to discover treatment is to immediately accelerate research by convening the world’s leading scientists in childhood genetic and neurodegenerative disorders. This collaboration will lead to treatment and increase the quality of life of those affected by KIF1A. It is vital for us to drive science, fund immediate research and find a way to stop the progressive nature of this […]