Forgetting Milestones and Learning to Measure Progress…a New Way of Thinking! – #Learning

  Learning….I think the first thing we needed to learn was that Bree was not going to be like her older brother and sister. My son, Daniel, was my first born and his sisters hate that he earned the title the “easy one” but, that was what he was. He had an easy going personality early on and he excelled in school right away. My second born Kailey, began by teaching me life is not […]



Man with Asperger syndrome invents educational board game that encourages wholesome family interaction. It may be the ultimate irony that Anthony Tinervia Jr.’s new educational board game, Keys to the Capitals, keeps players entertained and interacting with one another for hours. That’s because Tinervia struggles with Asperger syndrome (an autism spectrum disorder). Such social interactions don’t come easily for him. So, it’s a huge victory for him to see families setting aside their electronic devices […]


Attempting a New Mindset

Saying “I don’t know” has a way of permitting me to stop trying to move that mountain and stick to the idea of moving one rock at a time. I consider a new year as a sort of invitation to do better. After hearing some New Year’s resolutions, I thought it would only be fitting for me to sit and think about what goals to shoot for this year. It would be great to try […]


Chapter Two: M.A.S.H.

When I was a kid, I loved playing M.A.S.H (Mansion/Apartment/Shack/House).  If you’re over 30, don’t act like you’ve never played!  Strangely enough, each time I played, I’d almost always end up living in a mansion in Hawaii, with Keanu Reeves, our four kids, and a stretch limo.  Those answers may or may not have been rigged, but I’m pleading the fifth.  You’ll be surprised to learn that things didn’t quite pan out the way the […]