Managing Expectations With A Home Remodeling Project

BY DEBORAH PIERCE, AIA, CAPS A road map for putting your remodeling project on a solid foundation. Renovation’s no “walk in the park,” as anyone who’s remodeled an older house will attest. And when we live with disabilities, little inconvenience can loom large. Yet renovate we must, to have a home that’s wheelchair accessible, or where our children can gain a degree of independence. The homes we live in today were built in a different […]


Vanquishing The Vexation Of Housing For Loved Ones With Psychiatric Disabilities

BY TOM PYLE, MBA, MS, CPRP A great vexation of families navigating mental illness is housing. Once a loved one’s psychiatric situations is sufficiently reliable, a family’s thoughts inexorably turn to the quest for a suitable abode for the loved one. Because loved ones with mental illness tend to be both disabled and poor, their housing need is acute, but their financial capacity abject. A Quagmire of Questions Many loved ones with psychiatric disabilities continue […]


Safety For A Child With A Severe Movement Disorder

BY LUKE ROSEN No matter how relentless we are about making our home accessible, Susannah’s movement disorder is responsible for teaching her where to go when she feels the danger of her changing coordination. I’m thankful to her disease for that — for doing my job in some strange way. For somehow teaching her to be safe. Keeping our kids safe is every parent’s number one job. Even as an adult I associate protection and […]


Tech-Savvy Students From Across America Showcase Breakthrough Assistive Technology for Employees with Disabilities

BY CHARISSA GARCIA While the country’s unemployment rate continues to hover at a healthy 4.8 percent, one far less glowing statistic is often overlooked by the national media. Despite businesses across America proudly championing the “inclusion” buzzword – nearly 80 percent of people with disabilities remain left out of today’s workforce. And for millions of families across America who have bright hopes for the future of their children with disabilities, this statistic is daunting. Fortunately, […]