Speaking Out In Support Of Sheltered WorkShops

SUBMITTED BY VOR Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) have found the services and supports they rely upon increasingly undermined by advocacy efforts meant to provide more community care options. The question arises, however, why does providing more community options come at the expense of closing equally important facility-based options that provide vital care to individuals with severe and profound disabilities? Sheltered workshops and facility-based day programs are coming under increasing pressure by recent […]


Breaking Barriers

BY GRACE NAH AND BRITTNEY NORRIS Recently Tobii Dynavox, a leader in assistive technology for communication, expanded their mission for improving the quality of life for even more people through a new device called Indi™. This first-ever direct-to-consumer speech tablet provides a communication solution for individuals of all ages with speech and language disabilities, including those with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Rett syndrome and Intellectual disabilities. “We truly believe that everyone deserves and should […]


Change In Mission Allows School To Put Social Needs First

BY RACHEL EZEKIEL-FISHBEIN Children with co-morbid disabilities present challenges most schools today are unable to address, which leads to the same pattern Rowe identified in children with language-based disabilities in 1982 –bright kids who are painfully lonely, feel worthless and ultimately, become disengaged. The student was clearly gifted. Yet George Rowe’s team at Buckingham Friends School could not teach him to read. As head of school, Rowe had seen this before: brilliant students with language-based […]


Exceptional Parent Magazine Honors Special Education Teachers

EXCEPTIONAL PARENT (EP) MAGAZINE HONORS SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS “AN ABILITY TO CONNECT ” Laura Wisinski LAURA WISINSKI is one of the most adaptable, fun-loving, hard-working teachers around. She teaches a Life Skills Support room for high school students at Elizabeth Lee Black School in Erie, PA. She is wonderful, kind and supportive, and makes the lessons exciting, accessible and engaging. Laura uses total technology like touch screen computers, iPads and the TAPit as tools for […]