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You see red flags in your child’s development, you apprehensively look all over the internet, hoping to read “it’s nothing to worry about”, however,your next visit to the pediatrician aggravates your concern as you check off a list of milestones missed and you finally find yourself staring at a sheet that screams AUTISM back at you. Some of you feel a sense of relief, and some are shattered at the news. Many parents go throughRead More
“R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what is means to me!…” As my plane slowly descended onto the runway at Detroit Airport, I found myself humming this Motown classic. I was returning from a rare long weekend in Nashville with my husband and NO KIDS! As I looked out the window of the plane, the song’s chorus kept repeating in my head. I closed my eyes—took a deep breath—and pictured myself on stage rocking a sequins dress andRead More
On a clear March day, as the sun pushed over the horizon, I pushed breath out of my lungs, my lips went from a blue tint to pink fighting for life at a mere 1 lbs. 7 ounces Years later, Pink bows adorned my wispy hair as I struggled to speak and to force my body onto wobbly legs ready to see the world around me Pink casts hugged my legs and my toes matchedRead More
One thing that D is very much looking foward to this week is the start of After-School Theatre Club.  It’s run by an external drama teacher and, as it’s a paid-for activity, we wanted to be very sure she’d enjoy it before we committed to it. That’s the issue at times, isn’t it? There’s masses and masses of enthusiasm shown prior to an event and then ….. anxieties kick in and it just doesn’t happen,Read More
  Raising a child with special needs is a lifetime of learning to maneuver untraveled roads.  When I say untraveled, I don’t mean that no one has ever gone that way or had these experiences before.  What I mean is that for the parent, it may be new, unfamiliar or unknown territory.  Well, at least it was for me.  Before having my youngest daughter, I wasn’t exposed to the world of special education, nor didRead More
My son James is a happy 3-year-old boy in USA. The day he was born we saw that he had a spot on the back of his head. None of the doctors in his pediatrician’s office knew what it was but when he began to lose weight and fall behind in his milestones I knew something was going on. Two years later, James’ pediatrician referred us to a dermatologist, a neurosurgeon, a plastic surgeon, aRead More
Lizzie was born the day after New Year’s as a planned 2nd C-section. She was perfect! All I of what I had dreamed of. She had a head of beautiful dark hair. Her father and I were the happiest ever as she was our beautiful little girl. As I sat there holding my sleeping baby in my arms, I noticed that she had her tongue sticking out as she was sleeping. I thought it wasRead More
The title of this article suggests I’m either crazy, dreaming or overly optimistic. What autism mom in her right mind would encourage her daughter on the spectrum to choose acting as a career? Yet here I am—knowing that it’s next to impossible for a neurotypical actress to succeed—becoming the momager of a young woman with serious social challenges. But the possibility has become more tantalizing and real since my daughter Samantha was cast as theRead More
15-year-old is diagnosed with ultra-rare blood cancer found predominately in adults and lives to tell the tale.   “Do you know any other young adults with Erdheim-Chester disease?” I asked Michael Oliver of his ultra-rare disease. “None.” He replied. Michael is now 17 years old, but he was 15 when he was finally diagnosed with Erdheim-Chester disease (ECD). ECD is a very rare type of blood cancer that can affect several organs in the body,Read More
  When I became a parent, I learned I had strength I never knew existed and I found a voice that I hadn’t really heard before. I think that is common for most parents. When you are responsible for a life, whether you brought this life into the world or you chose to adopt them into your family, you have a commitment and a duty to love, protect and care for this individual. To giveRead More