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Acceptance…Do we accept the diagnosis? For us, the diagnosis was “ASD” or Autism Spectrum Disorder. By the time we received it, she was 5 years old. When we first started asking the question, “Is she autistic?” people laughed at us…“Of course not!” After all, she was somewhat social, had some speech and occasionally eye contact. Sure, she rocked a lot, but she was just calming herself. There was always an excuse for the things she

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I will admit that I was kind of meh on the whole pussy hat thing, but as soon as a post about the brain hat popped up on Facebook I was all over Etsy, looking for someone to make me three. One for me, one for my daughter, Annabelle, and one for my other daughter, Sophie. Not long after, I heard that there was heated discussion on some other feeds about how these hats are

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Disease-stricken pastor and writer Rusty Kuhn wants to be healthy again. The husband and father of two misses restoring vintage cars and writing. Rusty must fight against Erdheim-Chester Disease to regain his life. “I was very close to death. My condition continually worsened leaving me wheelchair bound and in need of assistance with almost everything I did.” Erdheim-Chester Disease placed Rusty in a wheelchair at the end of 2014. After publishing his third book, Reclaiming

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As one year ends and another begins, we at DifferentBrains.com have been reflecting on a productive year. Traveling the country speaking about our book Aspertools, our movie The Square Root of 2, and about a term that has been evolving for me: “neurodiversity.” I’ve learned so much. Throughout these travels that term got fleshed out for me more than reading a simple definition could allow. Whether it be intellectual differences, developmental differences, neurological differences, or mental differences, there is

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