A Victory for One

In 1886, the physician Jonathan Hutchinson examined a six-year-old patient who lacked hair and had the withered skin of an old man. Later, in 1897, the physician Hastings Gilford followed up on this same patient and examined a second one with a similar appearance and documented in photographs the progression of the condition that rapidly ages people who have it. Today, this condition is known as Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, HGPS, or simply progeria. It is […]

Caregiver Initiative For Individuals With Down Syndrome

NDSS has partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association and National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices to author a guidebook specifically for those caring for an individual with Down syndrome diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. BY SARA HART WEIR For members of the Down syndrome and disability communities, caregivers play an important role in helping members of the community lead a healthy, productive and happy lives. It is not uncommon for caregivers to put the […]

Knowing What He’ll Miss

PUZZLES & CAMO BY SHELLY HUHTANEN The dream I had the other night was not for me. I think the dream was what I felt inside for Broden. He will miss it. He will miss the feeling of excitement of asking a girl to the dance and hearing her say yes. I had a strange dream the other night. I walked into an empty locker room to change my clothes. I grew frustrated because I […]

How Inflammation And Gut Bacteria Influence Autism

By Tim Newman A new study investigates the relationship between autism, the immune system, gastrointestinal issues, and gut bacteria. The story is a complex one with many questions still remaining unanswered, but this latest project adds insight. Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) affect 1 in 68 children in the United States. Characterized by difficulties with socializing, and often accompanied by repetitive behaviors, this neurodevelopmental disorder harbors many mysteries. Despite its prevalence and a glut of research, […]

Neurodiversity In The Workplace

EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES ON THE HORIZON BY ANGELA NELSON, MS, BCBA The question that pops into nearly all parents’ minds at some point – what will my child’s future look like – yields a wide array of aspirations… and even more questions. Some, clear as day, while others, foggy. And what if you have a child with an intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD)? What will his or her future hold? The good news is, today, it’s […]

Game on For Autism Research Foundation LLC supports scientists working at the frontiers of autism technology research

Local teen raises funds for clinical research into the efficacy of autism-focused digital technologies Game on For Autism Research Foundation LLC (GoFAR) announced its establishment as a new non-profit foundation exclusively dedicated to funding research into technologies designed to help those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). GoFAR was founded under the tutelage of Dr. Leslie Fang. Led by impassioned Cambridge teen Jamie Menhall, GoFAR’s mission is to help build a future in which everyone affected […]

UC San Diego to use controversial marijuana compound to treat severe autism

BY GARY ROBINS UC San Diego will try to alleviate severe autism in children by giving them a non-psychoactive chemical found in marijuana, a project funded by the biggest private donation ever made in the U.S. for such research. The $4.7 million study involves the controversial compound cannabidiol, or CBD, which is widely marketed nationwide as something of a miracle drug, capable of treating everything from cancer to post-traumatic stress disorder. Regulators believe CBD does […]

My Huntington’s Disease Journey

Decided it was time to come out of the genetic disease closest and own my disease: go from hidden-HD Seth to a new Seth with no secrets. BY SETH ROTBERG When I was about 12, I started noticing something wrong with my mom. She wobbled from poor balance, often tripping and falling over, as if she were drunk. She had severe mood swings; one minute she was fine and the next, she was angry, frustrated, […]

Giving Your Child A Happy, Healthy Start

Every mother and father wants to raise a happy, healthy, well-adjusted child. Service members are no exception. Since most healthy behaviors are developed in childhood, you can help your child get off to a good start with good habits, actions and choices to promote health and happiness. Here are some ways to help your kids get healthy and happy. START WITH NUTRITION Health and happiness begins with good nutrition. Healthy foods provide the building blocks […]

CDC Estimate Of Autism Prevalence Increases To 15%. Now 1 in 59 children.

CDC estimate of autism prevalence increases to 15%. Now 1 in 59 children. Autism Speaks calls on nations’ leaders to adequately fund critical research and resources NEW YORK (April 26, 2018) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released its biennial update of autism’s estimated prevalence among the nation’s children, based on an analysis of 2014 medical and/or school records of 8-year-olds from 11 monitoring sites across the United States. The report demonstrates that […]