Forgetting Milestones and Learning to Measure Progress…a New Way of Thinking! #Interests/Talents

By Mary Ellen Bogucki When my daughter was diagnosed with Autism, I immediately started researching and learning all I could on the subject. One of the first people I learned about was Temple Grandin and I immediately became a big fan of hers. Temple provided insight into what my daughter was experiencing, long before Bree could communicate with me. There are so many things I learned from Temple, but one important lesson was to focus […]


The Whole Story

PUZZLES & CAMO BY SHELLY HUHTANEN This is the story of autism that we need to hear, not just the young adult with autism that is a surgeon… We need to hear the whole story, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me if I had seen the new show on television entitled The Good Doctor. I told them I hadn’t since I don’t watch too […]


Did you hear the big news?!

by Brandy Pavia I have been debating on whether or not to share the awesome news that we recently received. Like, big news. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone. The truth is, the news was so exciting to me, that I wanted to stop random people to tell them…but I’m going to venture a guess that Bob, the cashier at Wawa, wouldn’t have reciprocated my enthusiasm. Thanks a lot for the buzz kill, Bob; the coffee was good […]


How to make meetings with school staff work.

By Lynne Pearson If you are the parent of an autistic child the chances are high that you’ll have plenty of meetings with school staff. It’s always a good idea to go into meetings prepared and with an attitude that is the most likely to bring about a favourable outcome for your child, you and the school. Basically you are going to have to become a skilled negotiator. Recently  I read a famous book about […]


Attention Caregivers: SSDI Benefits For Dependents With Special Needs May Not Last Forever!

Caregivers of dependents with special needs who receive Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits must fully understand the nature, scope and duration of these benefits to effectively plan for the financial future of their dependent. When SSDI benefits are payable based on a parent’s working record to their adult dependent with special needs, the Social Security Administration (SSA) considers this type of benefit as a “child’s” benefit. It is this form of eligibility that this […]


Holiday Gift Guide

As the holiday season quickly approaches, caregivers and parents of children with special needs are considering what new toys, games and learning tools are appearing on the market and which of those might be a good fit for their child. To help families through their toy purchasing decisions, EP’s editors have compiled a selection of some new products as well as some classic choices, each of which offer fun ways to improve motor skills, balance, […]


Chapter 7: iAutism 17

By Brandy Pavia It’s been quite some time since my last update…if truth be told, it’s been months! I’ll be the first to admit that I only post when I think of something witty, otherwise I would wind up boring you with the random, mundane nonsense that pops into my head, and ain’t nobody got time for that!   I was Facebooking earlier this week, and stumbled across this amazing post, and it got me thinking about how much […]


Forgetting Milestones and Learning to Measure Progress…a New Way of Thinking! #FakingTypical (Part Two)

If you missed Part One, please visit the post from earlier this week on November 6th!  By Mary Ellen Bogucki For years, I asked to have certain accommodations in her IEP.  One of the most important was a seat close to the teacher, where she could remain focused and get help when needed.   That accommodation appeared on her very first IEP all the way to her last IEP (senior year of high school).  What I learned, […]


Robots, Engagement and Autism Spectrum Disorder Intervention

BY GREG FIRN, ED.D Learners with intellectual disabilities often struggle with traditional educational tools, but robots are a game changer. Kids like robots because they’re “cool” and feel like big toys – nonjudgmental ones. With over 30 years of experience in education and a passion for helping every child meet their full potential  academically and socially, I have seen how effective intervention is for children with ASD, particularly if it happens early in the child’s […]


Forgetting Milestones and Learning to Measure Progress…a New Way of Thinking! #FakingTypical (Part One)

By Mary Ellen Bogucki About 10 months ago, I decided to share some of my daughter, Bree’s story, through Exceptional Blog. My wish is to give hope to others and share what worked and didn’t work for us along our journey.  Also, my desire is to educate those who may not understand certain challenges our loved ones face.  Bree, has had some amazing opportunities and has been extremely blessed to experience much success in her […]