Why are There Increasing Numbers of Children and Adults with Disabilities?

AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DEVELOPMENTAL MEDICINE & DENTISTRY BY H. BARRY WALDMAN DDS, MPH, PHD, STEVEN P. PERLMAN DDS, MSCD, DHL (HON), AND MISHA GAREY, DDS AN INORDINATE FONDNESS FOR BEETLES “The Creator would appear as endowed with a passion for stars, on the one hand, and for beetles on the other, for the simple reason that there are nearly 300,000 species of beetle known, and perhaps more, as compared with  somewhat less than 9,000 species […]

Eight Tips for Taming Kids’ Tech Obsession

BY MICHELE KAMBOLIS Technology is changing childhood, with as many opinions on healthy usage as there are gadgets to distract us. While technology holds possibilities and benefits, there are known drawbacks associated with over-usage. According to the latest release from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the average eight to 10 year old may be in front of a screen up to eight hours a day. Teens top the list as excessive tech users, with many […]

5 Ways To Make A Smooth Transition From Military Life

BY AVA COLLINS Remember that a work environment helps you to reconnect with the civilian world and also assures financial safety for your family, as well as your own needs. Ex-military personnel are bound to feel some sort of resistance when transitioning into civilian life. Even though being around family and friends once again is joyful and uplifting, the simplicity of routine existence can be rather complex for someone who’s used to the structure and […]

The Olmstead Right Of Individual Choice And The Duty Of Guardians: Whose Choice Is It?

BY JILL BARKER It is the legal process that protects an individual from unnecessary guardianship and from abusive guardians. Legal guardians are charged by a court to advance the individuals’, not the guardians’, best interests. Without question, the 1999 U.S. Supreme Court Olmstead decision requires that community placement not be imposed on individuals who do not desire it. The Olmstead right of individual choice is clear, but what about situations where the individual with an […]

New Study Explores the Role of Caregiver

Once again MassMutual and Easter Seals have collaborated on a study, this one focused on caregiving. The purpose of the Many Faces of Caregiving Study was to increase understanding of caregivers, become better aware of caregivers’ needs, and improve upon the ways MassMutual and Easter Seals serve caregivers and their families. About caregivers The study asked questions of 341 caregivers and 701 non-caregivers (a fairly equal balance of men and women between the ages of […]

How Businesses Benefit By Hiring Veterans

BY AVA COLLINS A strong sense is inculcated in every member of the armed forces, and as a result, integrity is a quality that they possess and live by. Veterans are highly skilled and have all the attributes that are expected to get a job done. All businesses, large and small, owe their success to their manpower, and choosing the right employee is all about picking someone who has what it takes to make a […]

One Size Does Not Fit All

AMERICAN INSTITUTES FOR RESEARCH/AIR The proportion of working-age people with disabilities who are in the labor force fell from 25 percent in 2001 to 16 percent in 2014,  according to a new brief from the American Institutes for Research (AIR). More broadly, among those able to work who are either employed or actively looking for jobs, the data for people with disabilities has remained stagnant, or declined, despite “the array of federal policies, executive orders, […]

Pope Blesses Kids With Special Needs

By MICHAELLE BOND, RITA GIORDANO AND KRISTIN HOLMES, THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER/TNS PHILADELPHIA — Michael Keating, age 10, has had more than his share to bear. Born prematurely, the Berks County boy has cerebral palsy. He can’t use his arms or legs. He suffers from seizures, and his brain cannot process what he sees or hears. He has intellectual disabilities. Last year, he had spinal fusion surgery, and in August, doctors replaced his hips. More surgeries […]

50% Of Children With Special Needs Are Bullied At School

B A C K – T O – S C H O O L  S U R V E Y Parents that were recently surveyed by AngelSense revealed the severity of the situation for children with special needs: 50% of parents reported that their special needs child has been bullied at least once on the way to school or at school, and almost 80% of parents of children with special needs, such as autism spectrum […]

Mainstreaming the Education of Children with Disabilities: The Teacher’s Perspective

AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DEVELOPMENTAL MEDICINE & DENTISTRY BY H. BARRY WALDMAN DDS, MPH, PHD, STEVEN P. PERLMAN DDS, MSCD, DHL (HON), AND MISHA GAREY, DDS “Inclusive education is a worldwide phenomenon widely advocated in the recent past. It is a philosophy as well as a principle and/or practice that is based on human rights and social justice. It advocates that children with special needs have to be educated along their normal peers in the regular […]