Vaccines DO NOT Cause Autism

– The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that is caused by differences in how the brain functions. People with ASD may communicate, interact, behave, and learn in different ways. Recent estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network found that about 1 in 68 children have been identified with ASD in communities across the United States. CDC is committed to providing essential data on […]

Retirement Planning Deliberations – Because Planning Deliberately Pays Off

Think about what you’ve done to plan for your retirement. Go ahead. Give it some thought. Now imagine that your retirement begins… tomorrow. Are you ready? Have you done everything you should have done? If you’re wincing or your heart has ramped up its pace a bit, take a deep breath. Relax. Even if retirement is just a few years off, there are still some things you can do to prepare. And if many years will […]

Making Goals Meaningful & Manageable

BY TOM KEATING Goal Guide allows parents to share in this process and it allows teachers to manage multiple students’ goal portfolios We’re all familiar with goals. Goals enable us to live the lives we want to live. We either have, or we’re told we should have, goals for business, for financial planning, for healthier living. Parents of students with disabilities are probably more familiar than they want to be with a certain type of […]

Pure Vision Arts An Agent Of Change

BY CHRISTINE REDMAN-WALDEYER Fighting for access for our children should not be the boulder of Sisyphus. Pure Vision Arts is about making sure that hill is removed for New York’s artists with developmental disabilities. As I made my way from Central New Jersey into lower Manhattan I found myself already connected to another world, one where the Holland Tunnel propelled me towards a host of vintage and antique shops, one of culture and art, one that invites […]

Sugar: Sweet and Tempting… But Hazardous to Your Health

HEALTHY CHOICES, HEALTHY LIFESTYLES BY BARBARA B. MINTZ, MS, RD It is good to know what types of sugars are out there, hidden or obvious, so that you will know what you are consuming. The American diet today is filled with fast and processed foods that are packed with hydrogenated oils, sodium and sugar. Fat and sodium have been named as the culprits in our obesity epidemic and our struggle with prevention and managing chronic […]