Youth Participation In Transition Planning

BY VALERIE LEITER In 2004, Congress added new transition requirements to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), striving to improve youth outcomes after high school. These new requirements say that the Individual Education Program (IEP) must include “appropriate measurable postsecondary goals” and the “transition services… needed to assist the child in reaching those goals.” They also give students the right to participate in planning once their IEP meetings focus on transition from school. It […]


Seminole State College Lauches Autism- Focused Interior Design Course

Students’ goal: Redesign kitchen for family with two special needs children. Kathryn Rivera, interior design professor at Seminole State College of Florida, is blazing a new trail in the emerging field of designing interior spaces for people with autism. For the past three years, Rivera has taught classes at Seminole State on topics such as building codes, commercial design studios and computer-aided design. Now, she and nine students are embarking on a pilot course called Designing for […]


Shepherds College: An Important Option In Specialized Post-Secondary Education

BY SUSAN GRIFFIS, DIRECTOR OF MARKETING FOR SHEPHERDS COLLEGE One size does not fit all. It never has and never will. Whether we’re talking about stretchy gloves, undergarments or unisex t-shirts, one-size-fits-all is blatant propaganda designed to sell to a mindless majority without considering the specific needs of the individual. So, on a larger, much more important scale, why would anyone approach post-secondary education for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the one-sizefits-all mentality? […]

Providing Access to Higher Education & Employment

By Ernst VanBergeijk Originally published in EP Magazine September 2012 New York Institute of Technology Introduction to Independence (I to I) and Vocational Independence Programs: The notion of these program is that special education students sometimes need a bridge between high school and post-secondary education. Founded in 1987, New York Institute of Technology Introduction to Independence (I to I) and Vocational Independence Programs (VIP) have helped educate a generation of teens and young adults with […]