The Name Game

by RICK RADER, MD * EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The third year of medical school is the time when the student gets to play doctor. He or she wears a white coat, dons a stethoscope around their neck and has (or had, before the electronic hand-held universe) a stack of index cards (patient notes, tips and check lists) occupying every available pocket. It’s also the time when they are expected to know things beyond “always, sometimes, never,” or […]

Animal Crackers

by RICK RADER, MD * EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Researchers in veterinary medicine and epidemiology have long demonstrated key connections between animals and humans in the areas of emerging infections. “Zoobiguity” looks at connections that are closer to home, including cardiology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, oncology and also psychiatry. A man rushes his limp dog to the veterinarian. The doctor pronounces the dog dead. The agitated man demands a second opinion. The vet goes into the back room and comes […]

A Point Well Taken

A Point Well Taken Nov 5, 2013 by RICK RADER, MD * EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The struggles and challenges of parenting a child with special needs have been met by parents “pointing” out their rights, their needs and their obligations to many deaf ears; ears that couldn’t or wouldn’t hear. Seems like “pointing” comes in handy when you want to make a point and you need something beyond mundane words. The other day I observed one of […]

Take As Directed

by RICK RADER, MD * EDITOR-IN-CHIEF It’s a scenario as old as medicine itself. Patient presents his or her pains, complaints, concerns and fears. The physician questions, pokes, prods and probes. The physician scribbles on a slate, parchment, paper or touch screen and offers, “Take this, it will help.” Ah, the prescription. Panaceas, bromides and elixirs. Early on it was plants, herbs, roots, bark and soil. Molds and spores were de rigueur. Opium, morphine, black […]

The Weight of Numbers

by RICK RADER, MD * EDITOR-IN-CHIEF This past January first put me in a league with half of all Americans when we made a New Year’s resolution. The league I was in was characterized by our rounding the bases with less speed, less grace and less ease. Our league was literally the “big league,” and our resolution was to lose weight. No surprise that weight loss is the number one resolution made by those who […]