Copy That

Copy That Aug 3, 2013 by RICK RADER, MD * EDITOR-IN-CHIEF One of the most intriguing, novel and exciting applications of 3D printers is in biotech, namely human tissue replacement. One of the attributes of aging (okay getting geezer-like) is the opportunity to experience the evolution and transition of ideas, technology and innovation. Take copying. Granted I wasn’t around to see how Gutenberg put legions of scribes into the unemployment lines but I did see […]

On Being Too Short to Get On the Ride

On Being Too Short to Get On the Ride Jul 8, 2013 By Rick Rader, MD Sarah has cystic fibrosis, which requires a lung transplant to save her life. But the top of 10-year-old Sarah Murnaghan’s head is apparently below the bold line that entitles her to get on the “ride to live.” To those of us who grew up in Brooklyn, a day at Coney Island was a day in Mecca. Besides the hot […]

A Kink in His Armor

A Kink in His Armor Jun 3, 2013 Our take home message about Hephaestus is the same message we glean from hearing stories about others with disabilities. That hard work, diligence and support will prevail. by Rick Rader, M.D. Working in the field of disabilities, one quickly becomes sensitive to the prevailing “myths.” In fact, one of the missions of Exceptional Parent magazine is to dispel the myths. Myths that insist that people with disabilities […]

A Token of Appreciation

A Token of Appreciation May 6, 2013 When exceptional parents find themselves on the board game of “Special Needs” and are trying to “win at all costs,” they are employing the same principles of “game theory.” By Rick Rader, MD When I was in college and fumbling through “connecting,” I remember the first time I heard the words, “I hope you’re not into playing games.” This amused me since everyone referred to it as “the […]


Boredom Apr 2, 2013 By Rick Rader, MD The hope is that with an enlightened appreciation of the dynamics of boredom, psychologists will be able to devise strategies to prevent, overcome or reduce the impact of being bored. “Bowwww-ring” The word is so reflective of its meaning that it causes us to pronounce it in a dramatic fashion. When something is “boring,” we simply cannot help ourselves by not exclaiming, “bowwww-ring.” Even aliens with no […]