eParent.com is an online multi-media company dedicated to be the ultimate resource for everything related to the special needs community. Providing practical advice, emotional support, current trending news and educational information to empower caregivers and families of children and adults with disabilities and special healthcare needs. As well as to the physicians, allied health care professionals, and educational professionals who are involved in their care and development.

eParent uses a multi-media approach to disseminate information and connect to a diverse and passionate special needs community of families, caregivers, professionals and organizations through...


  • its online publication which strives, everyday, to provide resources, information, support and unlimited inspiration;

  • its Exceptional Blog which provides real help and hope through personal stories;

  • its comprehensive Special Needs Resource Directory which links readers to organizations and entities matching their needs, interests and location; and

  • its interactive social media via Facebook &  Twitter which inspires and enhances lives.