The “Queerest People”

by RICK RADER, MD * EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The Munchkins represented the little people who worked for a living, the backbone of the community and the productive engines of society. As a self-professed medical historian I particularly enjoy reading the first descriptions of syndromes. For instance, the following first description of individuals with Down syndrome was provided by John Langdon Down in 1866. “A very large number of congenital idiots are typical Mongols. So marked is this, […]

High Fives

High Fives Mar 1, 2013 The pearl behind the high five is the fact that someone did what “seemed like the thing to do.” by Rick Rader, MD Darn this flu. The thing about the flu that makes it a high priority is its potential potency. Potency, yeah, that’s the right word. It can get you a day out of work or school, could end up giving a tag on your toe. It can give […]

Getting to the End

Getting to the End Feb 7, 2013 The idea of “another story can be written” is the thread to the exceptional parent movement and for the commitment of this magazine to continue to help readers construct their stories; the beginning, the middle and the end. By Rick Rader, MD Storytelling is easy. You need a beginning, middle and an end. There is no getting around it. It’s how our earliest stories, from the oral tradition, […]