On Being Normal

by Carey Handley Last week, for the second time in my daughter’s 24 years, she asked me why she couldn’t be Normal. Having been through this conversation half her life ago, I was able to reach into what’s left of my memory and recollect what it was I had told her the first time. My daughter was 12 the first time this particular subject came up and I had been completely unprepared for this discussion. […]

Forgetting Milestones and Learning to Measure Progress…a New Way of Thinking! #FindingtheRightTherapy

  By Mary Ellen Bogucki I have found that the most important thing I could ever do for my daughter, Bree, was find her the right therapy. Before Bree was born I had never heard of sensory processing disorder. I knew of Autism, but my knowledge was very limited and sadly most of it came from what I saw in the movie “Rainman”. For the first five years of Bree’s life we were repeatedly told […]

The Tyranny of Hope

by Maxine Rosaler When my son was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome over two decades ago, autism did not hold much interest for the medical establishment. It wasn’t “sexy,” one mother told me. That was why there was so little research being conducted about it, she explained. There was no consensus on how to treat this strange disorder. In the absence of a consensus, a host of strange therapies flourished. It was clear to most parents that […]

Why your child might be having trouble producing certain sounds – 4 Considerations

by Nicole Kolenda As a Speech Language Pathologist with a specialization in Speech Sound Disorders, I am constantly teaching and thinking (and speaking!) about clear speech production.  On the path to clear, adult speech, all children will have a learning curve.   Think about the 12-month-old saying “ba-ba” for bottle or the 18th month old saying “ca” for cat.  We have all heard a 2-year old’s “wed” substituted for “red” as well as “lellow” for “yellow”—most likely […]

Shake It ‘Til You Make It!

by Jim Turk Remember in the Empire Strikes Back when Luke decides to use his harpoon to tie up the legs of those evil walking robot things to slow them down? He didn’t “defeat” them but he DID save the rebel force. It was a real breakthrough. …And the other day I had one of my own. Now, I’m no Jedi Master (even though I sometimes think of myself as one – is that weird?), but […]