Training First Responders To Respond Bettter

“The SNAP Program makes a vital contribution to the armamentarium of best practices addressing the unique needs of special populations and their ability to thrive and participate in the community. It will become a time-honored component in the first responders’ toolkit.” – Rick Rader, MD, Medical Liaison, SNAP Program BY BRUCE GARNER Even under the best of circumstances, it is challenging to be a good parent, but when your child has special needs, it gets […]

A Memorable Place to Live

ANCORA IMPARO – RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The leading cause of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias is aging. And that applies to all of us. It had to happen. It’s been in the cards all along. We’re getting older. And it now applies to all of us. The “all of us” applies to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who had historically been relegated to shorter lifespans. And while that deserves the celebratory release […]