National Ability Center

The National Ability Center empowers individuals of all abilities by building self-esteem, confidence and lifetime skills through sport, recreation and educational programs. LEARN MORE>>

Cincinnati Children’s

Cincinnati Children’s will improve child health and transform delivery of care through fully integrated, globally recognized research, education and innovation. For patients from our community, the nation and the world, the care we provide will achieve the best: Medical and quality-of-life outcomes;Patient and family experience; Value; today and in the future. LEARN MORE>>

University of Illinois at Chicago’s Specialized Care for Children

We are proud to be part of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Specialized Care for Children is an essential piece of the public outreach mission of UIC. As a division of UIC, we have unique access to resources and research to assist Illinois families and children with special healthcare needs. LEARN MORE>>

Disability Resources, inc.

DRI, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a planned community designed to enhance the lives of our residents, develop their life skills, and provide the required medical care and a variety of therapies. LEARN MORE>>

A Rosie Place

The first (and only) licensed specialty hospital in the state of Indiana dedicated exclusively to serving children who are medically fragile, our nature-inspired home provides respite for families, and so much more. LEARN MORE>>

EPU Children Center

The mission of EPU is to strengthen and empower children and families facing extraordinary medical, developmental, and parenting challenges. LEARN MORE>>

Team Of Advocates For Special Kids

TASK is a nonprofit organization that educates and empowers families of children with disabilities. We specialize in Special Education support and provide referrals to other agencies when needed. LEARN MORE>>

Stop Bullying Parent Guide

StopBullying.gov provides information from various government agencies on what bullying is, what cyberbullying is, who is at risk, and how you can prevent and respond to bullying. Parents play a key role in preventing and responding to bullying. If you know or suspect that your child is involved in bullying, there are several resources that may help.  LEARN MORE>>

Family Voices

Family Voices is a national, nonprofit, family-led organization promoting quality health care for all children and youth, particularly those with special health care needs. LEARN MORE>>

The Federation for Children with Special Needs

The Federation for Children with Special Needs provides information, support, and assistance to parents of children with disabilities, their professional partners, and their communities. We are committed to listening to and learning from families, and encouraging full participation in community life by all people, especially those with disabilities.  LEARN MORE>>

The Sturge-Weber Foundation

The Sturge-Weber Foundation’s (The SWF) international mission is to improve the quality of life and care for people with Sturge-Weber syndrome and associated Port Wine Birthmark conditions through collaborative education, advocacy, research and friendly support. LEARN MORE>>

Special Education News

Special education is a type of education that specializes in meeting the needs of physically or mentally handicapped children. Specialized education is provided in a classroom or private institution. LEARN MORE>>


TASH is an international leader in disability advocacy. Founded in 1975, TASH advocates for human rights and inclusion for people with significant disabilities and support needs – those most vulnerable to segregation, abuse, neglect and institutionalization. LEARN MORE>>

Angelman Syndrome Foundation

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation is dedicated to funding the highest caliber of research on Angelman syndrome. It is our hope that these funded researchers, and their collaborators and peers, will bring forth new discoveries that ultimately lead to safe and effective therapies that improve the quality of life for all with Angelman syndrome. LEARN MORE>>

Easter Seals

Easter Seals provides comprehensive services, education, outreach and advocacy so that people living with autism and other disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our communities.  LEARN MORE>>

U.S. Department of Education

The Department of Education provides a list of resources pertaining to the needs of children with disabilities.  LEARN MORE>>

AllExperts – Special Education

AllExperts allows parents to ask questions of volunteer experts regarding all aspects of special education; questions and answers are available for search as well.  LEARN MORE>>

E-Ready Special Education Information for Parents

PTA's mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. LEARN MORE>>

Parents Helping Parents

PHP’s mission is to help children and adults with special needs receive the support and services they need to reach their full potential by providing information, training, and resources to build strong families and improve systems of care.  LEARN MORE>>


PACER Center enhances the quality of life and expands opportunities for children, youth, and young adults with all disabilities and their families so each person can reach his or her highest potential. PACER operates on the principles of parents helping parents, supporting families, promoting a safe environment for all children, and working in collaboration with others.  LEARN MORE>>

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass (TLG) is a nationally recognized center that has pioneered research, training, and services for families in which a child, parent or grandparent has a disability or medical issue. LEARN MORE>>

Child Development Institute

Our website is designed to provide the information and tools parents need to understand their unique child/children and to enable them to help each child develop into the successful individuals.  LEARN MORE>>


NICHCY serves as a central resource of information and products to the community of Parent Training Information (PTI) Centers and the Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRCs), so that they can focus their efforts on serving families of children with disabilities. LEARN MORE>>

Chapel Haven REACH Program

Chapel Haven serves individuals with developmental and social disabilities with the goal of helping them to live independent, self-determined lives. They are an excellent resource for families researching post-secondary/transition programs. LEARN MORE>>

The Pass It On Center: A National Collaboration for the Reutilization and Coordination of Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) reutilization is a concept that is born out of need. From local grassroots efforts, it has grown to become a nationally recognized response to providing AT to those people who would otherwise “go without”.  LEARN MORE>>

Partnership for People with Disabilities

The Partnership for People with Disabilities is a university center for excellence in developmental disabilites at Virginia Commonwealth University. LEARN MORE>>