Americans with Disabilities

We are waist-deep in the election year and the entire spectacle is truly something to behold. Candidates verbally bashing one another while attempting to convince all of us that they are the ones best suited to lead our great nation. It is a fascinating process that is almost impossible to score. Who, for example, is the leader who will help us to recover from the mountain of debt we have created for ourselves and which now stands at $19 trillion dollars (can you even accurately write that many zeros?) Which candidate will best be capable of protecting us from the threats of terror to our shores? All these, and more, are serious issues and serious matters requiring serious-minded individuals who want to serve and leave our nation a better place for our children and grandchildren.

But, there is an issue staring every single one of these candidates… Republican, Democrat and Independent …square in the face that they have not yet addressed. It is a game changer. With “over 55 million Americans classified as having a disability” living here in these United States, I find it remarkable that none of the candidates running for the Presidency of our country has focused attention on what their policies would be to serve and assist this large segment of our population! I have heard precious little from any of the candidates (Democrat, Republican, Independent) as to what they believe should be done to address pervasive concerns about conditions such as the rising levels of autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and the most grossly underserved segment of our citizens, intellectual disabilities. These people…and their families and caregivers…deserve to know how their needs will be championed by the person they cast their vote for; unless, of course 55 million plus votes are viewed by the candidates as unimportant. There are also the additional challenges of military families caring for children and adults with disabilities living on bases around the world. They also have needs, and they vote as well! It begs the question of why Americans with Disabilities and Special Needs is not more important than Governor Christie’s “Bridgegate”, “Bernie Sanders’ Free Healthcare, Education, and Beer for all” or “Hillary Clinton’s Scandals”! It ought to be front and center!

Senator Hubert Humphrey once said, “A nation will be judged by history about how well it treats its most vulnerable citizens.” Perhaps one from among this group of people battling for votes will pay attention to this very large and very important segment of our nation. Their votes could easily make all the difference!

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