Special Olympics St. Kitts & Nevis Tennis Olympian Returns Home with Prosthetic Leg

On behalf of the Special Olympics’ Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, we thank you for your continued time and commitment towards creating a unified community. Today we bring to you a wonderful story of perseverance and community. Thanks to the efforts of the Special Olympics community, we were to get a Special Olympics athlete back on the court playing the sport he loves! Check it below:


On Thursday, September 27th, Dionte Foster, 21, a Special Olympics athlete from St. Kitts and Nevis, received a free prosthetic leg after losing his leg to cancer in 2015. In 2015, Foster and fellow St. Kitts and Nevis athletes attended the Special Olympics

Summer World Games in Los Angeles. Dionte won gold medals for tennis during his competition in Los Angeles. During thegames, Foster sought medical treatment for a swollen knee. Follow up exams revealed stage 4 osteosarcoma bone cancer that required leg amputation as a means to save his life. Foster and his family were devastated when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. For the past few years, just stepping onto a tennis court would make Foster emotional. “It was like my world had just collapsed,” he said.

Thanks to the teamwork of the Special Olympics community and Louisville Prosthetics, Dionte Foster will be back on the court for the first time since he lost his leg. Special Olympics partner, United Airlines, donated flights for Foster to travel from his home in St. Kitts and Nevis to Louisville where his fitness prosthetic leg was provided and fitted free of cost to him. Volunteers from Special Olympics Kentucky hosted his stay. Foster’s visit was packed with a full recovery schedule including meeting Morgan Turner, a Special Olympics Kentucky athlete with two prosthetic limbs. Prosthetist Wayne Luckett offered gait training and Foster received follow up care at Lee Specialty Clinic, established by Dr. Matt Holder, Special Olympics International Global Medical Advisor.

Foster said this journey has taught him to give life the respect it deserves. “Getting this prosthesis — it’s like a dream come true,” he said. “I’m really grateful that I have my leg now. I can get around a lot better, put my crutches aside.” Foster remains cancer free and plans to return to competitive tennis as soon as possible. You can watch the video of Dionte and his road to recovery here.

Special Olympics St. Kitts & Nevis Tennis Olympian Returns Home with Prosthetic Leg

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