Why your child might be having trouble producing certain sounds – 4 Considerations

by Nicole Kolenda As a Speech Language Pathologist with a specialization in Speech Sound Disorders, I am constantly teaching and thinking (and speaking!) about clear speech production.  On the path to clear, adult speech, all children will have a learning curve.   Think about the 12-month-old saying “ba-ba” for bottle or the 18th month old saying “ca” for cat.  We have all heard a 2-year old’s “wed” substituted for “red” as well as “lellow” for “yellow”—most likely […]

I lost my voice.

by Karen Warfle No, I didn’t have a cold or laryngitis. I didn’t suffer a traumatic accident. I lost my ability to speak up for myself. After 20 years of advocating for my son, I found I didn’t know how to advocate for me. When my son graduated from homeschool and my daughter graduated from college – in the same weekend – I was ready to be a “retired” homeschool mom. I imagined having all the […]

My Son Has a Speech Disorder and it Rocks!

by: Colleen Berlingieri My son Geordi has a speech disorder that is annoying, heartbreaking and funny at the same time. My patience wears thin when I listen to him s-l-o-w-l-y work through what he is trying to say.  Other times, my heart goes out to him as he struggles to express his feelings.  But mostly he simply cracks me up with some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth. Slips of the Tongue […]

We Don’t Treat a Diagnosis

by Nicole Kolenda As a parent of a child with special needs, you will ALWAYS remember the day you received your child’s diagnosis. You will always think back to THAT conversation, with that specialist, who sat you down and discussed with you their “findings”. Many of you, in this precise moment, wanted so badly to be fully present and listen that you made yourself nauseous trying. Others just blanked out—asking your significant other a litany of […]