Every Body Fitness

This online program is designed to promote health and wellness for people with physical disabilities and their caregivers. Daniel was paralyzed as a teenager and, a decade later, he required a prolonged hospitalization for a medical complication. He was on bedrest for the majority of his hospital stay, and once he was stable for discharge, Daniel felt weak and realized he had put on weight. Due to quadriplegia, Daniel uses a powered wheelchair for his […]

Parents See Adult Children Take Wing in L’Arche

BY BETHANY KEENER • PHOTOS PROVIDED BY L’ARCHE With 18 communities consisting of one or more homes in the United States, L’Arche provides support for daily living and a community of belonging where people with and without intellectual disabilities share their lives together. When Donna and Manny Ganzarain were told their fouryear-old son Mark was autistic, Donna was confused. It was 1976, and she had never heard the word. She thought the doctors were telling […]