How to Help an Angry Child

by Lynne Pearson Edward, our autistic son, used to go from 0 to 60 pretty much instantly when he became angry. He’d seem fine and then he’d suddenly blow. Big time. Tension and Frustration spilling out in crashing tidal waves no matter who we were with or where we were. It was nigh on impossible to talk him down once he’d blown up like this. The best tactic was to stay calm, move to a […]

Special Needs Mom Discovers Priceless Art Collection in Her Own Home

by Colleen Berlingieri Everyone has their favorite traditions. One of mine is decorating the house for Christmas. I love putting on some holiday music, grabbing a cup of coffee and going through the boxes that my boys have brought up from the basement. Then I spend the next couple of hours putting away my everyday decorations and putting up my Christmas ones. This year, as I was going about my usual routine, I began to notice […]