Understanding Accessible Housing: The Fair Housing Act

An accessible home is one that allows its occupant to do what he or she wants and needs to do, as independently as possible. If you or someone in your family is disabled, your home may need specific modifications to make it accessible for daily living. You are protected under the Fair Housing Act, which stipulates property owners to make, or allow residents to make, a home accessible for those with specific or special needs. […]

Medicaid for Family Members with Special Needs

Medicaid is a federal program that provides eligible military families with benefits beyond TRICARE. It covers basic health and long-term care services for eligible children, adults, pregnant women, individuals with disabilities and the elderly, and for families with low income and limited resources. This benefit may be available for military family members who have special needs and require medical care. Who is eligible for Medicaid? State governments generally determine which groups their Medicaid programs will […]

Make a Home Accessible With Department of Veterans Affairs Programs

If you’re disabled, it is important to feel comfortable at home. Depending on your unique needs, modifications such as a wheelchair ramp, wider doorways or even a special doorbell can make a big difference in your accessibility at home. The Department of Veterans Affairs promotes independent living for disabled veterans through several programs. Based on your disability, you may be eligible for a grant to make modifications to your home. Here are a few possibilities […]

Exceptional Family Member Program – Special Needs – Resources

If your military family has a family member or child with special needs, there are numerous resources, services and programs available to help you. But where do you start? Here are some top resources. The Exceptional Family Member Program Sometimes half the battle of managing your family member’s care is knowing what resources and services are available and how to access them. The Exceptional Family Member Program, or EFMP, is a great place to begin. […]

Recognizing The Signs Of Stress In Children After A Disaster

Even the most well-adjusted children may experience stress following a disaster or traumatic event. It’s important to understand how to recognize and address signs of stress so you can help your children cope with their feelings. YOUNG CHILDREN Young children don’t always have the words, or willingness, to express how they feel when something makes them feel insecure, scared or upset. After a traumatic event, you may notice the following signs of stress in your […]

An Overview Of Adults With Special Needs

MILITARY LIFE Adults with special needs are individuals over the age of 18 who have a medical condition or disability. People in this group may include: • A spouse with a chronic illness or an acquired disability • A child with a developmental disorder transitioning to adulthood • A family member over 21 years of age, with complex needs and who requires assistance to live on his or her own Supporting adult family members with […]


ELEVEN WAYS TO STRETCH YOUR SUMMER ENTERTAINMENT DOLLARS A tight budget doesn’t mean you have to sit home every night staring at the walls. You can have fun without busting your bank account. With just a little effort and investigation, you can find low-cost to no-cost fun for yourself and your family. Check out these ideas for saving money while still having fun: Take advantage of free outings. Local parks, waterfronts, memorials and art galleries […]

Understanding Accessible Housing The Fair Housing Act

You know how difficult it can be to get around on crutches or in a wheelchair. You may need a wheelchair ramp or wider doorways in order to enter a building or even your own home. An accessible home is one that allows its occupant to do what he or she wants and needs to do, as independently as possible. The good news is, if you or your family member has a disability that requires […]

Depression in Active Duty Service Members & Their Families

BY JENNIFER WOODWORTH, PSY.D Many times, symptoms of depression that continue or worsen are under reported due to the possibility of impact on career advancement or minimizing the impact on daily functioning. MORE THAN DEPLOYMENTS Military lifestyle involves more than just deployments. Stress on the family and children can include many moves, changing schools, leaving friends and community connections, the unique language of the military and constant training and separation of the active duty service […]

Manage Your Emotions When Your Spouse Is Deployed

POSTED FROM MILITARY ONESOURCE WEBSITE You thought Space Mountain was a thrill ride. Well, hold on tight because your spouse’s deployment comes with its own dizzying heights, twists and turns. It lasts a whole lot longer, too. Having your spouse deployed can bring up a wide range of emotions, starting when you first learn about the deployment and continuing until well after your spouse has returned home. You may experience fear, anger, loneliness, joy, relief […]