ABLE Accounts Are Coming! Is It Really What You’ve Been Waiting For?

Many individuals and families who live with special needs are eagerly anticipating the availability of ABLE accounts. What is an ABLE account? Is it something you’ll want? Or need? Are you even eligible to have one? “It’s been a long wait,” says Chris Collier1, CLU, ChSNC, who is a Special Care Planner and has earned the Chartered Special Needs Consultant designation.2 He’s with the Innova Financial Group3 in Cincinnati, Ohio, a general agency of Massachusetts […]

Patient Centered Research Starts Early

BY ALEXANDRA WHITE, MATT SMITH AND ERIKA LUTINS IMPACTS ON JOUBERT SYNDROME AND OTHER RELATED DISORDERS When scientists conduct clinical research, the traditional method is for the researcher to be the main contributor in the creation of the idea, the study, and the final publication of results. Patients and caregivers are typically only involved at the final stages: dissemination of results and the implementation of practice and policy changes. With this method, important stakeholders are […]