Grants Awarded to Nine States to Improve Services for Children with Disabilities

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded $9.2 million in grants to nine states to improve services for children with disabilities. The states receiving grants are Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada and Tennessee. The State Personnel Development Grants Program provides funds to help states improve their systems for personnel preparation and professional development in early intervention, special education and transition services for children and youth with disabilities. Visit Grants Awarded to Nine […]


Convaid Products, Inc., a Torrance-based manufacturer of custommade, compact lightweight adaptive-assisted wheelchairs recently announced that its Trekker has received its CE Certification, qualifying it as having met the requirements mandated by the European Union (EU) for products officially imported into the EU nations. CE is the acronym for the French “Conformite Europeenne”, a set of rules governing import into the EU to protect member nations from products that might endanger safety, pose a pollution hazard […]

Striking A Chord: Music’s Impact On Cognitive Delays & Physical Disabilities

BOOK EXCERPT BY SHARLENE HABERMEYER, MA “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh As a young child, Anthony suffered with severe language, social, and emotional issues. Socialization was a particular challenging issue. It was difficult for him to socialize with his peers, to work independently at school, and he was argumentative with his teachers. But music changed all that. Today, Anthony attends […]

The Olmstead Decision Has Been Misinterpreted

BY JILL BARKER, DAVID HART AND TAMIE HOPP The Olmstead decision, which interprets the Americans with Disabilities Act, is so clear that persistent misinterpretation by federal agencies can only be described as purposeful. INTRODUCTION The 25th Anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) on July 26, 2015 offers an opportunity to set the record straight about what the landmark Supreme Court decision, Olmstead v. L.C., 527 U.S. 581 (1999)1, actually says about the ADA’s […]


Whatz-It Color Scale Indicator is a low tech indicator which supports people with autism and other communication difficulties in scaled decision making situations. Its graduated color scale (green to red) allows a selection of intensity rather than identifying an exact number or abstract facial expression. Whatz-it was designed to address problems with communicating difficult concepts, such as pain, when the user is in a potentially stressful situation. When using a simple device like the Whatz-it, […]