America’s Toothfairy

National Children’s Oral Health Foundation BY JILL MALMGREN Did you know that pediatric dental disease is the most common, chronic disease among children in the U.S.? More common even than asthma or diabetes? More than 40 percent of children experience tooth decay by the time they reach kindergarten, and the decay rate for children with special needs is even higher. Because tooth decay affects millions of children, it is easy to believe cavities are inevitable […]

Prominent Physician Proposes A Can-Do Way To Reduce Health Care Costs – By Finding Cures

PART II of a SERIES INTERVIEW OF STEPHEN L. DEFELICE, M.D., BY JOSEPH M. VALENZANO JR. In Dr. DeFelice’s journey with carnitine, he faced every barrier in our medical discovery system. He believes the Doctornaut Act is the only practical remedy and route to achievable solutions. “My experience with carnitine and our Barrier System would require a thick book that no one would read,” he said. “A single tragic story concerning cancer clearly demonstrates this. […]

How The ACA Affects Children With Special Needs And Their Families

BY LAUREN AGORATUS, M.A. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) affects children with special needs and disabilities in many ways. This article provides an overview of some ACA-related topics relevant to children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) and their families. It is based on a series of posts in the ACA blog published by the National Center for Family Professional Partnerships (NCFPP). The NCFPP is a project of Family Voices, operated through a […]

Motivate Your Child to Move!

BY KAREN KABAKI-SISTO, M.S. CCC-SLP While external rewards like a prize or a special sweet treat can be effective for short-term gains, maximizing your child’s internal motivation leads to a more consistent desire for physical activities. Does your child enjoy the playground and sports, or would he or she prefer to sit on the couch engrossed in TV shows or video games? Brain-based research shows that physical activity can increase attention span and memory, prepare […]

Durable Sheets Flatten, Fade And Conceal Scars

Your accident is long forgotten. Your surgery is in the rear-view mirror. You’ve moved on, but you still wear that red and raised badge of courage – your scar. No matter how they occurred or how long they’ve been there, scars can be as painful to our selfimage as the injury that caused them. Now, these unwelcome souvenirs don’t have to linger forever, thanks to ScarAway® Silicone Scar Sheets. ScarAway is an over-the-counter treatment that […]