Designing a Child-centered and Accessible Home

By Deborah Pierce, AIA, CAPS In the accessible home, disabilities become abilities because barriers cease to exist. This is the possibility of the accessible home. Photos by: Kathy Tarantola Every parent is exceptional! Our kids challenge us to expand our limits – to be more patient, more tactful, more generous, and, when circumstances call for it, fiercer advocates. We juggle our jobs, housekeeping tasks, and care-giving with all the grace and intelligence we can muster. […]

Live Your Dreams and Overcome Your Mobility Challenges

Live Your Dreams and Overcome Your Mobility Challenges Feb 4, 2013 Originally published in Exceptional Parent Magazine Over 18 million people in the U.S. and Canada face mobility issues every day. Yet, so many people are not aware of the adaptive mobility vehicles that are available to help those who are dealing with physical disabilities gain their freedom and independence back. By Dan Bussani Everyone has dreams. And everyone should have the opportunity to make […]