This is Why I Will Forgive

by Tulika Prasad A few days back, while I was browsing the aisles of a store, my 9 yr old son brushed against another customer. I was hoping it would not be a big deal but she had something else in mind. I said sorry and explained that my son is autistic. She was not ready for that excuse and said that if that’s the case, I shouldn’t “let him loose” and that she has been […]

8 Autism myths that I wish I could dispel

by Tulika Prasad Autism is a complex diagnosis. It’s a spectrum so it makes it all the more difficult to put it within the boundaries of a set of characteristics. As they say, every autistic individual has very unique traits and since it’s not a physical disability , sometimes autism is simply considered to be the result of bad parenting or a set of behavior anomalies that a person might have and therefore ignored or […]

How can we help our kid with Autism?

by Amala Mani This post is for someone who is looking for a motivation today.. Recently I’m seeing lots of parents busy in social network groups. Thanks to our technology that we have thousands of such support groups. I feel that the purpose of such groups should be something like, helping parents find suitable resources in there residential city and maybe for some push and suggestions when struck. For e.g., I want to find schools which […]

As Long As It’s Healthy.

by Amanda Buck I stared at the pregnancy test for a long time. I could hardly believe what I saw. In fact, I didn’t believe it, and took two more tests just to be sure. They all read “pregnant.” I’d been longing for a second child, agonizing over it for months. But we struggled with the decision, wondering if it was even right for us to try. For my husband and I, it wasn’t as […]

Renovating Our Home and Our Lives for Cerebral Palsy

by Jamie Sumner To renovate a home is to renovate a life. Until we began to carve out our home to make it accessible to our son with cerebral palsy, I did not know I could plan his path to freedom or how I would feel once he took it. The fact is, Charlie has outgrown this life we have built. The cerebral palsy that felt first like an anchor holding him back, now seems simply […]