The Endless Fight for Help: Yesterday and Today

by Maxine Rosaler When I was looking for schools for my son twenty years ago, private special education schools were the only schools equipped to give autistic children anywhere near the kind of help they needed. The competition for these schools was very stiff: it was not usual to find out that there were fifty applicants for every spot. And if a parent was lucky enough to have her child accepted at one of these […]

When a kid gave me hope for a better world for my son.

by Tulika Prasad We all know how difficult it is for a differently abled individual to navigate the world with its prejudices. There is much to be desired when it comes to acceptance and inclusions. It often makes me nervous thinking about what kind of a world will my son find himself in when he grows up and when I might not be around to be his eyes , ears, and voice. So, in the midst […]

The Surprise of Cervical Spinal Stenosis

by Lisa Blumberg On Friday March 23, 2018, when Janice, the pet therapy lady, came with a languid dog whose name evades me, I could still take some steps if I leaned my full weight on my walker. My internist had just told me that my MRI indicated that the progressive weakness in my extremities was being caused by upper spinal cord compression from cervical stenosis. This totally surprised me. I was having pain now […]

What Do You See?

 by Carey Handley What do you see when you look at my daughter? I’ve sometimes wondered how other people see her. I wanted a daughter perhaps more than anything else in the world. So much so that I wished for her when I was at the Wishing Door in a mosque in Cairo, Egypt followed a few days later by a wish tucked into a crevice in the Western Wall in Israel. My wish was […]

Forgetting Milestones and Learning to Measure Progress…a New Way of Thinking! #TravelingWithAutism

By Mary Ellen Bogucki For a long time we didn’t travel or take vacations. From a very young age, my daughter, Bree hated car rides. The minute the car started moving, she would cry. It took us years before we learned she had Autism and sensory issues. Her vestibular sense was affected and movement was a problem for her. The biggest mistake we made was when we decided to stop at a waterpark on our […]

Stephanie Gives: Raising Rett Syndrome Awareness Through Friendship

“The Best Girlfriends Ever” is Stephanie Gives’ latest book centers around Tiffanie, a young girl with Rett Syndrome, and her best friends, the “Devine Sisters” that accompany Tiffanie on her summer adventure and create everlasting memories. Their journey encourages acceptance as well as highlighting the power of friendship and empowering other girls that helps children achieve limitless possibilities. This inspiring story would not be possible without the help of Gives’ artistic abilities, lifetime friends, and […]

On Comparisons

by Carey Handley I distinctly remember bringing my then three year old daughter to my friend’s house for a visit even thought it was over 20 years ago. She had a jungle gym play yard in her backyard and I watched as her son, who was just nine months older than my daughter, did flips on the bars and navigated each part of it with confidence and impressiveness. Meanwhile, my daughter contented herself on the […]

This is Why I Will Forgive

by Tulika Prasad A few days back, while I was browsing the aisles of a store, my 9 yr old son brushed against another customer. I was hoping it would not be a big deal but she had something else in mind. I said sorry and explained that my son is autistic. She was not ready for that excuse and said that if that’s the case, I shouldn’t “let him loose” and that she has been […]

8 Autism myths that I wish I could dispel

by Tulika Prasad Autism is a complex diagnosis. It’s a spectrum so it makes it all the more difficult to put it within the boundaries of a set of characteristics. As they say, every autistic individual has very unique traits and since it’s not a physical disability , sometimes autism is simply considered to be the result of bad parenting or a set of behavior anomalies that a person might have and therefore ignored or […]

How can we help our kid with Autism?

by Amala Mani This post is for someone who is looking for a motivation today.. Recently I’m seeing lots of parents busy in social network groups. Thanks to our technology that we have thousands of such support groups. I feel that the purpose of such groups should be something like, helping parents find suitable resources in there residential city and maybe for some push and suggestions when struck. For e.g., I want to find schools which […]