Chapter Two: M.A.S.H.

by Brandy Pavia When I was a kid, I loved playing M.A.S.H (Mansion/Apartment/Shack/House).  If you’re over 30, don’t act like you’ve never played!  Strangely enough, each time I played, I’d almost always end up living in a mansion in Hawaii, with Keanu Reeves, our four kids, and a stretch limo.  Those answers may or may not have been rigged, but I’m pleading the fifth.  You’ll be surprised to learn that things didn’t quite pan out […]

Increasing Adaptations For Individuals Who Struggle Emotionally And Socially

BY DR. JACKIE MARQUETTE My son Trent and I were on an outing shopping for his clothes. The store was loud and chaotic. Trent has autism and shopping wasn’t his favorite thing to do. He began to flap his hands and snap his fingers with an extremely tight facial expression. We knew what would happen next. He yelled out and. immediately following, he truly and earnestly expressed, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” While I understood he […]

Workforce Innovation And Opportunity For Youth With ASD And Developmental Disabilities

BY DR. JACKIE MARQUETTE The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is designed to improve work access and outcomes for job seekers with and without disabilities. It asserts assistance to individuals with disabilities by providing job search, placement assistance, career counseling skills training, and other supportive services. There may be a reason to now celebrate the new changes that can impact better employment outcomes for students with disabilities. The law is the Workforce Innovation and […]