One Trust, Multiply Beneficiaries

One Trust, Multiply Beneficiaries: Creating a Trust for Caregivers and Care Recipient When a family member has special needs, often a special needs trust is recommended as part of the family’s overall financial strategy. But in certain circumstances, creating one trust to include all children in the family may be a smarter tactic. “It’s definitely something to consider,” suggests Joshua A. Hazelwood, JD, LL.M1, Vice President of Advanced Planning Markets for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance […]

Home Renovation Resources: Help in Making Your Home Your Home

Is your home user friendly? For all the people in your family? Is it practical for your family member with special needs? Whether it needs simple changes or major ones, home renovation – rather than a move to a new place – might be the answer. And resources abound to help you make the makeover. “In my experience, people renovate a home to help a family member with special needs gain one of two things: […]

Providing for a Child with Special Needs—Long Term: A Three-Part Plan

By Andrew M. Cohen, Esq. Originally published in EP Magazine November 2012 Each part of the plan plays a distinct and important role in the care of a child with a physical, mental or emotional disability. For many families with a special needs child, no matter what his or her age, the questions concerning who will take care of the child in the future and the source of the money to support that child, are […]