Helping those with autism during Coronavirus “stay in place”

Like so many people with autism, lockdown rules have only added to the challenges Matthew Russell faces. A trip to McDonald’s or the local pub had not only become a treat, but a key part of a settled weekly routine. However, the coronavirus outbreak has taken away those routines, causing distress and anxiety for many. So staff at an autism centre in south Wales have come up with ideas to help maintain structure, including a […]

Could Acting Classes Help Kids with Autism

Science and the arts have never made easy bedfellows, but three projects that unite psychology and theater could help treat autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). The skills developed in drama training closely correspond with three of the main impairments seen in autism: social interaction, communication and flexibility of imagination. One drama-based intervention is the SENSE Theatre project, which aims to help children with ASD improve their social skills. “I knew from experience that acting can have […]

Come for the Coffee, Stay for the Company

Amy Wright started a coffee shop to employ people with intellectual and developmental disabilities – and joined a human rights movement. By Jessica Farthing Who She Is Like every parent, Amy Wright dreamed about her children’s futures – the sports they’d play,  the colleges they’d attend, the careers they’d have. Then Beau, her third child, was born with Down syndrome, a congenital chromosomal condition that results in cognitive delays and an increased risk of certain medical […]

Valentine’s Day For Couples with Disabilities

Three longtime couples with developmental disabilities recently looked back on how they came together even as they look forward to Valentine’s Day. All six adults are members of the nonprofit Community Access Unlimited (CAU). Elaine and Eddie Matthews have been a couple for 33 years and married for 24 years. They met because Eddie once dated Elaine’s roommate before finding his true love in Elaine. “I thought he was cool when I first met him, […]