“In Their Own Words: Moving Beyond Migraine” with Robin Roberts Premieres on WebMD


WebMD recently released In Their Own Words: Moving Beyond Migraine with Robin Roberts, a new five-part video series that sheds light on the debilitating nature of migraine and the impact it has on all aspects of a sufferer’s personal and professional life. To learn more about treatments and the individuals featured in the video series, visit: www.webmd.com/insidemigraine

Moving Beyond Migraine follows the lives of Jennifer, a public school administrator who has lived with intense migraine headaches for over 20 years; Kate, a 20-year-old college student with debilitating migraines that have run in her family for generations; Melanie, whose intense migraine condition has altered the dynamics of her nine year marriage; and Lynn, who after suffering from migraine for 50 years, shares how a clinical trial for a new treatment called CGRP targeted therapy is finally providing her with some relief.

Developed in partnership with Roberts’ independent production company, Rock’n Robin Productions, Moving Beyond Migraine features those suffering from the disease, as well as the family, friends and doctors who care for them. The series also highlights promising new treatments that are on the horizon, which may offer new hope to the millions suffering from recurring migraines.

“The patients we met through the series are putting a very brave face on a disease that is often misunderstood,” said Robin Roberts. “Hopefully, their stories will bring comfort and hope to the millions still living with recurring migraine pain.”

“WebMD is committed to providing in-depth tools and resources for people living with migraine as well as the friends and family who support them,” said Kristy Hammam, WebMD editor-in-chief. “Moving Beyond Migraine offers a highly personal look into the world of migraine as well as the new treatments that are offering hope.”•

PHOTO: A DAY IN THE LIFE: A day with sharp head pain turns the most mundane tasks into a struggle. How does Jennifer Vienneau deal with frequent migraines?