An Ordinary Day: Kids With Rare Genetic Conditions


002Life can present challenges that seem insurmountable. Children are not exempt from this, but often through their innocence and willpower we can find inspiration and hope. An Ordinary Day features unforgettable photographs set against intimate conversations, documenting the lives of 27 children living with rare genetic conditions. The book invites us to connect with kids like Ethan, a nonverbal seven-year-old who learns to sign to communicate his needs, five-year-old Madison who has taken her first steps after years of crawling, and Jonathan, a nine-year-old boy who finally learns to eat with a spoon after many failed efforts. Tasks often taken for granted, are profound triumphs for children afflicted with rare genetic conditions. The everyday moments captured in An Ordinary Day inspire awareness and empathy, while highlighting the commonalities between us all. Poignant and revelatory, An Ordinary Day illuminates what it means to be a family.

PHOTO: Author: Karen Haberberg