Autistic Teen Chef Launches First Cookbook To Fund His Autism Foundation

Autistic teen chef Chase Bailey, whose “Chase ‘N Yur Face” cooking show has proven an online hit, is launching his first cookbook this November with the aim of celebrating life and raising money to help other people with autism.

Featuring over 75 recipes that 15-year old Chase has developed, all accompanied by mouthwatering photography, fun facts and anecdotes, The Official Chase ‘N Yur Face Cookbook (Chase ‘N Yur Face Media LLC, $24.95) goes on sale November 10, 2016 and includes an endorsement from Chef Mario Batali, who Chase had the pleasure of cooking alongside on The Chew.

Using part of the book’s proceeds, Chase has decided to set up his own foundation, the Chase Yur Dreams Foundation, to assist people with autism who are working towards their dreams of living independently.

Chase’s mom, Mary, takes up the story:

“When Chase was little, he had some serious food aversions, which is common among people with an autism diagnosis.  He would only eat five different foods. Then one day I noticed how drawn he was to TV cooking programs.  Long story short, food became his world—he started overcoming his aversions and even started trying exotic foods.  He also decided he wanted to be a chef and have his own cooking show.”

“It began simply enough with me filming Chase cooking at home and posting the results on YouTube.  People loved it! Soon Chase started inviting chefs and other foodies to join him on the show.  Roy Choi, Becky Reams, Galia Orme, Anne Scioscia, and Fuschia Sumner are just some of the stars who have shared their recipes with him on Chase ‘N Yur Face.”

Chase was then asked to be a guest speaker and chef at the 2015 Autism Speaks Los Angeles Celebrity Chef Gala, followed by appearances on The Chew with Mario Batali, and the Meredith Vieira Show.

Recently, Chase decided he wanted to help people like him achieve their dreams and that’s when the idea of the cookbook and the Foundation came into being.  It seemed to be the perfect combination to raise money to start the foundation as well as share his passion for life and good food with people too.


About Chase:

15-year old Chase Bailey is an aspiring chef who also happens to be autistic.  Chase has been hosting Chase ‘N Yur Face, his hugely successful YouTube cooking show, for over two years.  He’s cooked with Roy Choi, Mario Batali, Becky Reams, and Choc-Chick Founder, Galia Orme.  Restauranteur and Food Network personality, Guy Fieri, is also one of Chase’s many fans!

Available November 10th on, and in bookstores across the country, The Official Chase ‘N Yur Face Cookbook combines delightful recipes, uplifting anecdotes and fun facts.

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