For road trips and everyday travel, MyBuckleMate keeps back seat buckles propped up and easy to reach so buckling up is always a snap! No more buckles flopping around, falling into seat pockets, or getting wedged under booster seats – buckles always stay where you can easily reach them. It is a seat belt solution for kids in booster seats, and those with special needs or motor planning difficulties.

MyBuckleMate is also able to fit in tight spaces (such as between booster seats) and stay secure, so seats can be folded down without removing it. It won’t interfere with your vehicle’s buckling mechanism, as it locks into place around the fabric that anchors back seat buckles to your auto’s back seat. It won’t obstruct the buckle’s release button or the latch plate where the buckle clicks into place.

Available in Red (brand new!), Black, Gray, Cream, and Tan, each duo-pack retails for $14.99.

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