Big muscle movements, also called gross motor skills, involve a variety of areas of the body and specific aspects of their use. Gross motor skills are involved in movement and coordination of the arms, legs, and other large body parts and movements, such as running, crawling and jumping. Development of these skills result in postural control, coordination, strength, balance, and bilateral coordination (both sides of the body working together). Toys that emphasize these movements help with physical development and the growth of gross motor skills.

Below we have compiled a selection of some new products as well as some classic choices to help families through their toy purchasing decisions, each of which offer fun ways to improve motor skills, balance, strength or social skill building.


These monster friends are ideal for monster snuggling, monster catch, monster rolling, and of course the intended – a game of kids’ bowling! Six soft and squishy monster pal pins are easy for small hands to grasp and lift and so much fun to knock down! Children make gains in concentration, hand/eye coordination, gross motor abilities, sensory awareness, motor planning, and visual tracking. Made of soft, high-quality materials that wipe clean, this set is perfect for both independent play or with friends! The set stores in a durable carrying case that lets you bring the fun wherever you go.


Surfing has been proven to help anyone with sensory overload process their environment, and to improve the mood of kids with low tone, sensory sensitivity and hyperactivity and autism. This board is a sensory seeker’s dream come true. The new Floor Surfer is a roller board for play and therapy. It combines play and training of motor skills and was developed in partnership with childrens physiotherapists to ensure safe use by any child irrespective of their motor skills level. Padded for comfort and geared for speed, the Floor Surfer is perfect for sibling play or special needs use.


A game of silly snacks and mixed-up moves! Chocolate-covered flies and hairy pickles? Fried socks and booger chili? Yummy! The bigmouthed Woozle is hungry. Can you feed him 12 silly snacks from the spoon before all the snacks are gone? Work together and have some monstrous fun. Set up the Woozle a hop, skip, and a jump away. Roll the die and place that number of silly snacks on your spoon. Spin the spinner and then move toward the Woozle doing the movement the spinner directs. Be careful and don't drop those silly snacks! Feeding the Woozle is active and fun while allowing kids to be aware of their own bodies.