Games And Puzzles Gift Ideas


Helping your child with special needs use their play time to the most benefit can be tricky. Try a little fun instead, using focus games to stretch their attention span. Puzzles are a fantastic tool for your child’s mind and cognitive development. Additionally, many types of games help children develop new social cues and skills and come to terms with the idea of right and wrong. Best of all, board games allow you to spend quality, intentional, and uninterrupted time with your children – especially during the holidays!

Below we have compiled a selection of some new products as well as some classic choices to help families through their toy purchasing decisions, each of which offer fun ways to improve motor skills, balance, strength or social skill building.


Spot it! is a fantastically fun game that helps develop social, visual and language skills all at once. Fun to play with others or as an individual, this game is small enough to take anywhere, so you’ll be entertained wherever you are. Match the singular items on each card that are the same. Great for kids with language processing disorders, and ideal for home, school or clinic use. 55 illustrated cards decorated with colorful symbols of traditional foods, decorations and objects from the holidays, such as Chanukah, Shabbat and Purim. Play for fun wherever you go or use as an educational tool to learn Jewish traditions. Spot It! Shalom is the speech development game that fits in your pocket!


A social-emotional game that develops empathy and compassion! Can players help a little girl who’s sad because she’s standing out in the rain or a boy who’s afraid of the dark? Winner of multiple awards, including Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal, this matching game focuses on emotions as children encounter persons with a problem and reach into the Helping Bag to pull out a token. Can the token help someone on the game board? If so, it's a match! Playing the game and reading about the feelings and needs of the characters, kids start to recognize feelings in others - the first step to building empathy.


Have fun teaching positive social skills with the Blunders Game! This award-winning game covers topics such as table manners, respectfulness, kindness and more in an interactive way! Kids are motivated to try to help the “Blunder children” improve their manners through interactive charades, thinking questions, multiple choice scenarios, and other engaging social skill activities. Along the way they’ll learn to use polite table and telephone manners, introduce themselves with confidence, use good manners at school, treat others with respect and kindness, be a gracious guest, and much more! Blunders is perfect for the classroom, social skills groups, speech groups or at home.


The colorful Puzzle Globe is designed to teach children about the Earth’s oceans and continents as well as some famous landmarks, and a few animals that are identified with the continent on which they reside. The set includes a sturdy base with a globe that rotates, six chunky continent puzzle pieces, a stationary Antarctica, and blank label stickers and an activity guide. Asia has camels, a tiger, the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal. Young explorers learn to accurately place the continents and learn the their names by affixing a name plate to the continent piece. It's a whole new spin on world geography!