Expressions for Autism is an educational game that helps children ages 6 to 8 with autism, train and improve  emotion and feelings by recreating facial expressions according to day to day life events. First, the user chooses a player and then can either add their own photo or use a built in anime. Next, the user chooses a male or female voice for the player. Then the student is taken to a screen with four emotions: happy, sad, scared and angry. Some students may need a verbal prompt like, “How are you feeling today?” Once the expression is identified, a slide appears with an anime and the voice expresses the feeling and asks the user to make that expression. The screen that follows is a
split screen. One side is a circle and the other side gives a choice of 12 heads both female and male. The user drags the eyebrow shape, eyes, nose and mouth to create an expression. Upon completion, the facilitator can track the user’s play history by tapping the “I” button. Options: English, Spanish Size: 126 MB. Color: Multiple Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Compatible with iPad.


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