Michael Turcich Chair of the Intl Counsel on Disabilities

Michael Turcich of New Hope, PA was elected Chair of the International Counsel on Disabilities Board by acclamation at a meeting of the Board in March. Turcich, who was appointed to the Board in 2008, has been active in disability rights advocacy  and has served on numerous organization and consumer boards and coalitions.

“It is an honor to lead the Board of an agency that is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through educational resources,” Turcich noted after his election. “I look forward to helping the Board do all that it can in fulfilling its vital mission in the year ahead.”

Turcich is managing partner of Western Principal Partners, LLC which owns eParent.com an online multi-media company dedicated to be the ultimate resource for everything related to the special needs community. Providing practical advice, emotional support, current trending news and educational information to empower caregivers and families of children and adults with disabilities and special healthcare needs. As well as to the physicians, allied health care professionals, and educational professionals who are involved in their care and development.