Face to Face

ANCORA IMPARO BY RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The secret to the joys and rewards of supporting individuals with special needs is best shared by Dejan Stojanovic: “For a moment at least, be a smile on someone else’s face.” When I was in college I always had two well-worn, dog-eared books close by. One was the Workshop Manual for my 1953 MG roadster which seemed to always announce that its most current ailment could be […]

Fluid Dynamics

ANCORA IMPARO BY RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Poop and pee are hardly strangers to Direct Support Professionals. The DSPs have to return the situation to its pre-event status and do it with dignity, respect, grace and reverence to the individual. It’s been a hot summer in the South, and virtually every part of the country has seen extraordinary higher than average temperatures. At my community agency, The Orange Grove Center, we are particularly mindful […]

Would People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Benefit from Being Designated “Underserved”?

ANCORA IMPARO ■ RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF BY LYUBOV SLASHCHEVA, RICK RADER, MD AND STEPHEN B. SULKES, MD Despite social movements in favor of equality in health care, fiscal and political realities often lead to inequality: that is, those with the resources and skills to navigate the health care system and to access care remain well, while the “have-nots” retain an increased disease burden [1]. As Cynthia Jones proposes, such health disparities “are morally […]

Let’s Make Respect the New R-Word

ANCORA IMPARO BY RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF BY ANN COSTELLO Reprinted with Permission from the Huffington Post INTRODUCTION There is an anonymous quote, “The ornaments of your house will be the guests who frequent it.” That serves as the perfect introduction to this month’s guest Ancora Imparo. Ann Costello is the ornament that keeps on giving. As the Executive Director of the Golisano Foundation she has been instrumental in raising the bar in the […]

Roots, Bark and Branches

ANCORA IMPARO BY RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF There was an additional attraction of the tree for Helen. The tree provided her with a self contained sensory experience. Education, at least for me, was never a walk in the park. Undergraduate, graduate and medical school was a challenge, but they paled in comparison to Public School 244 in Brooklyn. Back in the 1950’s and 60’s, the New York City elementary schools (as well as junior […]

Message in a Bottle

ANCORA IMPARO BY RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Each time exceptional parents share stories about their children to physicians, therapists, educators, researchers, policymakers, funders and advocates, they are connecting science to the humanities. One of the things that continues to intrigue me about science is learning about all the stuff we did to find out about stuff. Amazingly, the stuff we did was done with ordinary stuff. Og, a curious Neanderthal sticks his index finger […]

An Exceptional Cookie

ANCORA IMPARO RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The OREO serves as a “tip sheet,” or memory jogger of the four most important domains of being an exceptional parent Personality testing is big business in the United States. Current estimates range between two and four billion dollars a year. Personality tests are used for a variety of purposes, including individual and relationship counseling, career counseling, employment testing, occupational health and safety, custom interaction management and matchmaking. […]

Look At Us, We’re Walking

ANCORA IMPARO RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF “Look at us, we’re walking! Look at us, we’re talking! We who’ve never walked or talked before…” “Look at us, we’re laughing. We’re happy and we’re laughing. Thank you from our hearts, forever more.” “There are so many other children, Who only speak with a silent prayer. For those who haven’t been so lucky, We hope and pray you will always care.” “Someday they’ll be walking. Someday they’ll […]


ANCORA IMPARO RICK RADER, MD ■ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Maybe we should revisit the significance of the iconic BMOC (Big Man on Campus) and decide that it should really mean, “Be Mindful Of Compassion.” The images are forever emblazoned in my memory. BMOC (Big Man on Campus). Lettermen. Varsity athletes. They were tall or just appeared tall; taller than the rest of us for sure. Taller, bigger, recognized, popular, admired, envied, privileged and babe magnets. They were […]

Dyslexia: A New Perspective

A NEW PERSPECTIVE BY KARIN MERKLE Pass along this information to teachers and parents who may be stuck in the myths of dyslexia. Whether a student ends up getting lessons or not, the word and information you share may just save our world’s next great inventor, engineer, or scientist! I have great news to share with you about bright children (and adults) who struggle with reading and spelling. In a moment, when I share a […]