Forgetting Milestones and Learning to Measure Progress…a New Way of Thinking! #FindingYourVoice

  By Mary Ellen Bogucki When I became a parent, I learned I had strength I never knew existed and I found a voice that I hadn’t really heard before. I think that is common for most parents. When you are responsible for a life, whether you brought this life into the world or you chose to adopt them into your family, you have a commitment and a duty to love, protect and care for […]

Chapter 6: Progress is Progress

by Brandy Pavia My Bean is amazing!  I know I’m probably a bit biased, but seriously, to say that she’s made great progress would be a gross understatement.  Our measure of progress may differ from others, but progress is progress, no matter the speed, and we feel that it should always be acknowledged and celebrated.  It might sound funny, but in her short 10 years on this planet, she has been one of our greatest […]

How my son’s autism changed me

by Tulika Prasad The other day I was talking to a complete stranger at my son’s summer camp’s bus stop. We chatted like old friends meeting after years. There is something that bonds us all together…the experiences, the pain, the joy ,and the lessons. There is so much to share. We finally parted, promising a lunch date along with some spa time…knowing well, it was easier said than done 🙂 On my way back, I thought… […]

Keep Calm and Carry on Parenting

by Lynne Pearson I’ve been doing a little bit of reminiscing about the things that made my children happy when they were small. These would probably be Edward’s top 10 happy inducing activities in his early years: Watching Finding Nemo (every day) and Watching walking with dinosaurs (every day, once he’d finished with Nemo) The beach – playing for hours in the sea and sand. Watching Laurel and Hardy films – he’d literally run around […]

Forgetting Milestones and Learning to Measure Progress…a New Way of Thinking! #Community

  By Mary Ellen Bogucki Long before my daughter, Bree was diagnosed with Autism, we struggled finding opportunities for her to fit in. She didn’t behave like the other children in those mom and tot classes. I was well aware of this, but I didn’t appreciate it being pointed out to me by strangers. Inside, I was battling to accept the fact that something wasn’t right. I was also fighting with our pediatrician at the […]

Forgetting Milestones & Learning to Measure Progress…a New Way of Thinking! #Opportunities

  by Mary Ellen Bogucki I think one of the hardest things that we faced with our daughter, Bree, was finding opportunities that she could participate in.  Before we knew of her Autism diagnosis, we tried different “Mom and Tot” music classes or sibling swim classes.  Unfortunately, they all ended the same way, with an intense meltdown by Bree and me wearing the perpetual red face of embarrassment. Eventually, I gave up, the rude comments, […]

Yearbooks Get Me Every Time

by Colleen Berlingieri Does anyone else cry when they look through yearbooks? I was sitting in my living room this morning crying like a baby. My youngest son, Jacob, has given me his 6th grade yearbook to flip through. Jake: Mom! Are you crying? You are so weird! Me: Never mind – get me a Kleenex – some day you will understand! As I thumb through the pages I see this amazing kaleidoscope of kids […]

How I Manage Mood Triggers in an Autistic Adult

by Marguerite Elisofon      Parents who raise kids on the spectrum learn early on what causes their sons and daughters to meltdown. Whether the trigger is loud noise, bright lights, clothing tags, or fear of elevators, families need an effective game plan to deal with the autism meltdowns provoked by sensory overloads. Sometimes maturity can help a child with autism outgrow certain triggers. Although warm and affectionate, our daughter Samantha hated holding hands as a […]

Forgetting Milestones and Learning to Measure Progress…a New Way of Thinking! #Hope

  By Mary Ellen Bogucki These past few weeks have been filled with so much growth for my daughter, Bree, who has high functioning Autism. Immediately, I knew that this month I had to write about HOPE! For me, raising a child with special needs has meant we are often on an emotional roller coaster.  In addition to Autism, Bree also has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), generalized anxiety, and at times depression. We moved from […]

The Great Adventure

by Colleen Berlingieri Twenty-four years ago my oldest son Geordi (Geo), was born with big blue eyes, dark curly hair and chubby little cheeks that made you want to smother them in kisses. He was also born “fussy” – not wanting to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time and not feeding well. As time went on, he was also late to sit, crawl, walk and talk. By the age of two, he […]