Advocate like a Mother

by Kelly Kulzer-Reyes They started popping up around the Down syndrome community about a year ago, at least that’s when I first saw them. “Advocate like a Mother” t-shirts have hit the stage with gusto, and at first I loved them. Really. They are cute. I’d even like to own one. I really like the light burgundy one that debuted at the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (DSDN) Moms Retreat back in September. I’d have one […]

Advocacy Vs. Feelings of Defeat

By: Tammy Cyra, M.Ed As a parent, it sure can be intimidating to hear all of the different unknown acronyms during an ARD meeting. Having an advocate to assist in troubleshooting and bridging the line of communication is often key. It also helps to empower the parent and provide them with a sense of validation. Often times, you see a shortage of staff throughout a variety of school districts when it comes to more time […]