Advocate like a Mother

by Kelly Kulzer-Reyes They started popping up around the Down syndrome community about a year ago, at least that’s when I first saw them. “Advocate like a Mother” t-shirts have hit the stage with gusto, and at first I loved them. Really. They are cute. I’d even like to own one. I really like the light burgundy one that debuted at the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (DSDN) Moms Retreat back in September. I’d have one […]

My First Depression

by Carey Handley I remember the day we were told our daughter would never drive, would never live alone, would never reach many of the milestones most children will. And then there was the day she stood beside us in court as the judge declared her permanently disabled and granted us Guardianship. I listened as the judge asked her questions, some of which had to be rephrased so she could understand them. On each of […]

An Introduction to Medical Advocacy

By Thea Arnold and Angela Todd “Half of advocacy is persistence.” Thea Arnold Gender roles haven’t changed enough to change the statistic that by and large women are still the caretakers of both their parents and their children. As our parents age and reach the stage of medical intervention, those of us in the ”sandwich generation” are often juggling working full time, raising children, and making sure our parents are safe in their homes and […]