Fitness for Children with Physical Disabilities

THE FITNESS PRIORITY BY KRISTIN MCNEALUS, DPT, MBA, ATP Exercise can also lower risk for complications associated specifically with spinal cord injury and spina bifida, such as the development of some forms of cancer, respiratory illness, and UTI. Are you an Exceptional Parent of a child with a spinal cord injury, spina bifida, or cerebral palsy? It is important to encourage your child to get a sufficient amount of exercise! Even if it is difficult, […]

Tripp Halstead Finds Happiness

BY MICHELLE BOUDREAU All across the country, fall is in the air. When we think of fall, typically the first thing that comes to mind is the gorgeous changing colors of tree leaves and the foliage across the country that can be breathtaking. The air feels crisp, clean and for many people it is their favorite time of year. § For one family I had the pleasure of interviewing this month, the colors of fall […]

Disability Groups Claim Crucial Medical Equipment is “Under Attack”: Urge Congress to Pass Corrective Bill

LIVING WITH A DISABILITY BY JERRY LEVINSON Rep. Zeldin says Congress must now act again to ensure that a more permanent fix is granted. Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1) is spearheading an effort to protect people with disabilities by ensuring they have access to essential medical equipment, such as specialized power wheelchairs, seating systems, and other adaptive equipment (collectively called Complex Rehabilitation Technology or CRT). To this end, he has introduced legislation (H.R. 3229) that […]

Don’t Ask Taxpayers to Support Children with Disabilities

AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DEVELOPMENTAL MEDICINE & DENTISTRY BY H. BARRY WALDMAN DDS, MPH, PHD, STEVEN P. PERLMAN DDS, MSCD, DHL (HON) AND MATTHEW COOKE, DDS, MD, MPH “Don’t ask taxpayers to support disabled children: When I was 10 years old, I chose to be child-free because I knew that I would not make a good parent, and at 38 I’m still content with my choice… Parenthood is a choice, not a divine right, and all […]

Dealing With A Rare Disease: Turning Anger Into Action

BY MELISSA GOETZ Like most mothers-to-be, I waited for my daughter to be born with the usual mix of anticipation and hope. I couldn’t wait for her to arrive, and I dreamed that she would be healthy and happy and full of spirit. I could never have anticipated that my experience would propel me to learn about a rare genetic disease that I had never heard of before. Or that my daughter would inspire me […]

The Physical Part of Education

HE FITNESS PRIORITY BY KRISTIN MCNEALUS, PT, DPT In 1990, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was passed, requiring that all people with disabilities, of school age, have access to Physical Education in a normal school environment. Does your child participate in physical education consistently? Do you know what your child is doing in those classes? And why this is as important as any other subject in school? Adapted physical education is PE that […]

Need for Health Behavior Models for Your Child with Disabilities

BY H. BARRY WALDMAN DDS, MPH, PHD AND STEVEN P. PERLMAN DDS, MSCD, DHL (HON) The facts are that these health behavior prospects are genuine possibilities as youngsters with disabilities reach their adult years. Repeated surveys do substantiate these consequences. “Obesity, binge drinking and smoking – you’ve got to be kidding. My child is only 6, 10, or 12 years old. How could you think of that? He/she has enough difficulties with disabilities to even […]

My Family’s Journey With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

BY BETTY VERTIN As we wait to see what will happen, I take each day as it comes and continue to fight to make sure my boys will have access to this drug – it is our only hope at this stage. I have three sweet boys with a rare genetic disease called Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a progressive condition that causes gradual muscle loss and weakness and eventually robs people of the ability to […]

Staying Healthy and Well When You are Away From Home

HEALTHY CHOICES, HEALTHY LIFESTYLES BY BARBARA B. MINTZ, MS, RD Stay active when you are traveling! It is a good way to stay on your fitness track and it can help you connect with the local culture. It’s the time of year when people are traveling more. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it can be difficult to keep to healthy exercise and diet behaviors. It’s easy to fall into the trap of […]

Better Sleep Monitoring for Children with Special Needs

by Amabelle Equio The Kansas State University (KSU) Engineering team recently announced their new research-based project utilizing the latest technology to design a round-the-clock sensor to help track the wellness of children with special needs. The goal of their study is to measure the quality of sleep and daytime well-being, at a low cost by developing a signal processing algorithm, that is noninvasive, Prof. Bala Natarajan, from KSU the electrical and engineering, said. The projects, […]