From the Coach’s Corner: Captains Aug 5, 2014 The team captain is the one who by their attitude and play is really saying, “get on my back…let’s get this done.” By Tom Curry Each year, many students and parents concern themselves with the child being named or voted “captain “of their particular team. I have had a number of parents over the years express concern over voting results, the formula used, who tallied the votes, […]

How to Practice

From the Coach’s Corner: How to Practice Jul 2, 2014 By Tom Curry When I was coaching basketball, students would tell me how hard they had practiced over the summer, and each day in the fall, in preparation of trying out for the team. Even the parents got in the act with one father telling me that his son practiced everyday in their driveway. “Why coach, there are some nights when he even beats me!,” […]

Lessons I Have Learned

From the Coach’s Corner: Lessons I Have Learned Jun 8, 2014 By Tom Curry In the past two years I have written about what sports can do for kids as they grow and mature. The process of helping kids through some difficult times and formative years is a challenge that we all know and have ideas about whether a parent, coach or administrator. This month, I would like to change gears and talk about what […]

Hall of Famers

Hall of Famers May 2, 2014 FROM THE COACH’S CORNER: TOM CURRY There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. Almost everyone in the room was standing and applauding the speech they had just heard. I was fighting back tears myself. How could someone not used to being in the spotlight keep everyone so respectful, so enamored and so drawn to this woman who had given so much of her life, her love and herself […]

Coaching in the “Big Time”!

Coaching in the “Big Time”! Apr 2, 2014 FROM THE COACH’S CORNER: TOM CURRY The true backbone of the coaching profession are the people who do it every day in the high schools, middle schools and youth sports programs that deal with children in their formative years. At a recent athletic directors’ meeting, the topic of attracting and keeping coaches at the high school level came up and was discussed for a long period of […]