Sunlight Isn’t Enough

BY SUNIL J. WIMALAWANSA, MD, PHD, MBA, FACE, FRCP, FACP, FRCPATH, DSC Optimal Intakes of Vitamin D for Persons with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities: Almost Everyone Needs Vitamin D Supplements. Adequate vitamin D is essential for optimal health. In addition to the well-known effects of enhancing mineral metabolism, irrespective of the age, gender, or health status of the patient, vitamin D has beneficial effects on many other conditions, including neuromodulation, muscle strength and coordination, autoimmune disorders, […]

Sports Performance Supplements and Enhancers: Fact or Fiction?

BY BARBARA MINTZ, MS, RD HEALTHY CHOICES, HEALTHY LIFESTYLES An educated consumer is a healthier consumer. The way to cut through the hype is to become aware of the clever marketing behind these products. There is no doubt that as sports and athletic enthusiasts, we are bombarded and tempted by the wide assortment of sports foods, drinks and supplements on the market today. The industry has bombarded even weekend warriors with advertising of products that […]

Ask Dr. Sheypuk Danielle Sheypuk, Ph.D.

With this column, I hope to open up a freer, franker discussion about dating, romance, and sexuality with a disability. I am so pleased to be launching my column, “Ask Dr. Sheypuk.” It is something that I have wanted to do for a long time now and something that is greatly needed in the community of people with physical disabilities and those in our family and social circles. One out of five Americans is affected by disability, […]

Sports and Friends…What Really Counts!

COACH’S CORNER BY TOM CURRY Winning is great and championships are always fun, but the friendships you take with you will remain, long after the last whistle blast is heard. I often think how lucky I have been in my life. I have a great family, a good job and some wonderful people I am lucky enough to call friends. When I thought about this the other day, I realized that I have met most […]