Sugar: Sweet and Tempting… But Hazardous to Your Health

HEALTHY CHOICES, HEALTHY LIFESTYLES BY BARBARA B. MINTZ, MS, RD It is good to know what types of sugars are out there, hidden or obvious, so that you will know what you are consuming. The American diet today is filled with fast and processed foods that are packed with hydrogenated oils, sodium and sugar. Fat and sodium have been named as the culprits in our obesity epidemic and our struggle with prevention and managing chronic […]

Good Nutrition Starts At Home

BY ERIN VLASAK – IF YOU EAT RIGHT AND TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, YOU WON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BURNING OFF THE CALORIES! IT TAKES THE GUESS WORK RIGHT OUT OF THE PICTURE.   BY ERIN VLASAK, M.S. AND GINA FRISINA M.S.E.D   People choose what food they will eat for a variety of reasons. Some people eat out of stress, while others mindlessly eat in front of the television. Regardless of what food we […]

Healthy Tips To Help You Survive The Holidays!

‘Tis the season to be jolly but it doesn’t have to be the season of overeating or extra weight gain.   Here is some very scary food for thought: It only take an additional 500 calories a day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day to gain six pounds. Whether you are burning less calories because you are exercising less, or eating more because of the holiday parties, your calorie intake could be more than your […]

Eating Healthy on a Tight Budget is Possible

HEALTHY CHOICES, HEALTHY LIFESTYLES BY BARBARA B. MINTZ, MS, RD Take your own food inventory, look at your food bills and see where you might be spending some extra hard-earned cash on foods that are really not good for your wallet or you. There is so much conversation around this topic today. And it is no wonder. When you shop for healthier foods or organic produce and compare the prices to the cost of processed […]

Sports Performance Supplements and Enhancers: Fact or Fiction?

BY BARBARA MINTZ, MS, RD HEALTHY CHOICES, HEALTHY LIFESTYLES An educated consumer is a healthier consumer. The way to cut through the hype is to become aware of the clever marketing behind these products. There is no doubt that as sports and athletic enthusiasts, we are bombarded and tempted by the wide assortment of sports foods, drinks and supplements on the market today. The industry has bombarded even weekend warriors with advertising of products that […]